SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD – Coles School celebrated Earth Day Friday with an assembly focusing around recycling. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle was one of the mottos of the event, called “Let’s Bloom Together”. The students were introduced to ideas about why we recycle, how to recycle, and what to recycle.

Mike Bedrick of Let’s Bloom Together led the assembly. There were five assemblies, with about 100 students in each group. The students were given a container of compost, complete with a worm, as a way to start their own vermin compost bin. There was discussion about what types of foods can be added to the compost, that in a day or two their small container will need a larger home as the students add apple cores and banana peels. Mr. Bedrick said “If it grew out of the ground you can put it in the compost bin.”

Let’s Bloom Together is a going green / gardening enrichment program designed to make learning about the earth and horticulture fun and stimulating for children ages 3 – 10. They are based on Morristown. Mr. Bedrick quoted George Carlin: “its not save the Earth, its save the humans.”

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Dr. Deborah Evans, the Principal at Coles School, mentioned that on Earth Day all the kids in the school planted. Dr. Evans said that “About ten years ago the first grade developed a passion for vegetable gardening.” At the end of the year the students would eat the vegetables that they had grown, eating things they had never eaten before and enjoying the tastes. “Now we are expanding to have something at every grade level.” For example an herb garden that connects to the Native American studies that the 3rd graders are doing.

Lisa Devine, the PTA president, discovered Lets Bloom Together. Ms. Devine was instrumental in making the event happen, along with other parent volunteers. “Sometimes the parents learn from the kids” said Principal Evans.