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St. James's Gate Publick House

(pub – short for public(k) house) – a place where you could find a meal, a drink and a night’s lodging in days goneby. Publick houses were on the main roads and weary travelers could find “comfort” on their way to and from. Today there is no lodging but in England and Ireland there are ,what is now commonly called, “gastropubs” which distinguish themselves from “bars” or “saloons”.

A gastropub dedicates itself to producing a menu which brings back all the great recipes that grandma used to make. No salsas,no Asian influences, no fusion, etc,etc. – just good old “comfort” food.

“Comfort” being the magical word for what we try to do with consistency every day. In this world where everyone is trying to put their spin on food dishes – we are, at St. James’s Gate, trying to duplicate basic dishes that you probably can’t get, even at home anymore and ,certainly, can’t get in most restaurants! We want the customer to experience those traditional dishes – with no extra bells and whistles-just the basics. If we can do that, then we will differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack, and if we stick to it – we will be successful. Of course, it is essential that you have a Publican whom guest want to see, who is, also, equally glad to visit with those guests!!

Beyond that – a good pint, some fine Irish whiskeys and great Irish coffee all merge to make for “craic” – which means, basically, a fun time had by all – good grub, good grog, good music and it is said – the only reason an Irish pub offers alcohol is because it’s a lubricant for great conversation!!!

Put all those ingredients together and you have an Irish pub – with soul!!!

John J. Meade Jr.
Publican (owner/operator)