Art of Living Meditation Studio

Located in the heart of Denville downtown, the Art of Living meditation studio is your self care sanctuary, offering meditation classes designed for you to rest deeper and live happier. We offer 30 minutes group guided meditations, private one-to-one meditation classes, and group retreats. Each class is carefully curated for you to relax effortlessly and energize instantly.

We offer authentic techniques originating from ancient traditions that help you experience calm right away. Our expert teachers skillfully guide each practitioner how to meditate, so they get the most from each session, & improve their lives through meditation.

The ease of our teaching and the depth of the techniques appeals to both new students and experienced practioners alike. Whether you are looking to relieve stress, get some me-time, or find a solution for better sleep, there is a perfect class for you at the studio.

Feel lasting benefits of meditation in your everyday life & be empowered to live happier, and healthier.
Find out how meditation help you. Book a class!