FRANKLIN, NJ - Sahara Muhammad, a 7th Grader from Franklin Township, New Jersey, was recently honored as one of the brightest young minds in the world by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY). In addition, she was invited to two additional exclusive academic programs for profoundly gifted students – CTY’s Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent (SET) program and Davidson’s Young Scholars program.

Sahara’s achievement was partially attributed to her performance in a talent search where she took an above-grade-level exam, namely the SAT. She scored in the 94th Percentile among all US students who took the same exam. This performance earned her the Grand Honors award, CTY’s highest honor.

In addition, Sahara’s performance on the SAT also resulted in her being invited to join CTY’s Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent (SET) program.  Students qualify for SET by taking the SAT before age 13 and scoring at least 700 on either the Math or Verbal (Critical Reading or Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) test. In 2019, only 500 participants under the age of 13 worldwide qualified for SET.

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Sahara’s performance was also recognized by the Davidson Institute, which accepted Sahara into their highly selective and prestigious Davidson’s Young Scholars program. This program offers enrichment programs and services designed to nurture the intellectual, social, emotional, and academic development of profoundly gifted young people between the ages of 5 and 18.

Sahara, a student at Far Hills Country Day School, is no stranger to academic honors. She was first recognized by CTY as a 2nd Grader with the High Honors award in 2017 (See the article here). She continues to seek academic challenges by taking Honors Algebra II at Stanford Online High School and writing research papers and dystopian short stories in her Expository Writing class at HEROES Academy for the Gifted.

Sahara is a lifelong resident of Franklin Township and lives with her parents Jennifer, a genetic counselor, and Sharif, a self-employed CPA and Financial Advisor.

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