Zimmer School

Zimmer School and Summer Camp provides care and education for children 6 weeks through First Grade in Basking Ridge, NJ. Zimmer School sits on 7 acres, with the Passaic River at its rear property line. 

Our mission is to create an emotionally-safe learning environment where children feel empowered to explore ideas, skills, and an understanding of self; and to inspire these children with a sense of responsibility towards others and towards making an impact on their world. 

Our mission is shaped by:
Jewish values; 
An appreciation and respect for the child’s natural stages of development ;
The belief that children build knowledge through personal experiences; 
The recognition that the years of early childhood possess within them the capacity for life-long habits, behaviors and attitudes; 
The belief that each child possesses a unique inner voice that needs to be heard and encouraged by both the child and by those around him. 
We work collaboratively - our children, their families, and our teachers towards meeting this goal. 

To schedule a tour, call Lisa at 908-604-8844 x115.

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