TFG Products: Video Production

   A Simple Video Can Do So Much!  We live in a visual world and a great video can deliver the simplicity of a message through images, music, and graphics. TFG Products is a video production company that specializes in creating videos to help our clients provide a visual edge over their competition.​

   Your Product or Service Should Be Seen!

Whether you need a 30-second or 3-minute promotional video, client interviews for your website, or a complex training video, we can work with you to turn your vision into a reality. We will guide you through the process of video production. From pre-production to post-production, you will be able to create the projects that meet your expectations ... and all at small business prices!

    Tim Gerds is the owner and the lead editor/producer of TFG Products. Tim has been in the video production business for more than 18 years, producing custom videos and multimedia presentations for small businesses and real estate agencies. Tim has long been recognized as the person who will get the job done when others do not have the time, or patience to commit to the extent necessary.