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Tamarack Day Camp

(862) 244-4422

34 park Ave., Randolph, 07869


At Tamarack, we offer programs for children ages 3-15.  Each program is designed to meet the physical and developmental needs of that specific age group.

All of our programs include Hot Lunch and Door-to-Door Transportation.  Campers arrive at Tamarack between 8:30am and 8:45am, and leave at 4:10pm daily.  We offer a 5 full day program for all campers, as well as a 3 full day and 5 half-day options for campers ages 3-5.


Campers are organized into groups based on the grade they are entering in the following September and led by two or more counselors.  The groups are organized into Divisions and each Division is overseen by an adult teacher called a Division Head.  Once our campers are 5 years old and up, they are in single sex groups.

Each group follows a custom, 5-day schedule that addresses the needs and interest of that group.  Instructional Swim, Free Swim, and Lunch are only constants in the group schedules.  The remainder of the activities vary Monday – Friday allowing our campers to experience everything Tamarack has to offer. 

Campers entering the 2 nd grade and older also have choice built in to their schedule so they can pick an activity to participate in for the period that week.  The following week, they can pick a new activity or keep the same activity.  Tamarack is the only camp in the area to completely redesign each group’s schedule halfway through the summer using the specific input of our campers to better meet their needs and provide them with more autonomy over their summer experience.

Munchkins (Ages 3-5)