Sensory Kids and Social Minds

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Sensory Kids & Social Minds is a pediatric therapy clinic that is set to open a new center on Morris Avenue in Union on November 2nd. An interdisciplinary clinic, Sensory Kids & Social Minds tailors treatments collaboratively across occupational therapy, speech therapy, and ABA therapy (for children with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD). Each plan of care caters to a child’s specific needs, so the child will learn to relate, to express love for others, and begin to ascend their developmental ladder.  Their focus is on the early detection and treatment of ASD and other developmental disorders, such as ADHD, selective mutism, behavioral issues, articulation concerns, language delays, and emotional dysregulation/challenging behaviors. Its clinicians are trained in the application of school-based, clinical, parent-coaching, and social skills group interventions.  The Union location will have a state of the art sensory gym for pediatric sensorimotor development and brain integration.