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Results Driven Marketing, LLC

Results Driven Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency with an experienced team of marketing professionals and exceptional customer support. With over 50 years of combined experience and expert knowledge in a wide range of internet marketing solutions. We turn “clicks into clients®” on a daily basis.

Full Service Agency specializing in local business marketing.

Digital Marketing Experts

Our mission is to dedicate our time and energy to grow your business through innovative strategies that implement successful Return On Investment.
We break SEO down into three basic areas: Content, Links and the growing world of Artificial Intelligence.

We manage your PPC based on a proven formula for ROI.
We get your website found online, clicked on by potential clients and give your business every chance it needs to pitch your services to interested potential clients.

Your campaign will be run by polished professionals who work behind the scene to ensure optimal performance. Whether you are looking to brand your business through display ads or gain instant exposure across all major search engines, Results Driven Marketing™ can help you get there.



Most businesses today have come to accept the power of the internet for attracting business. They all take the first step to create a website for themselves, but are they prepared for the future of the internet?

As of 2016, more people began to access the web on their mobile device than on a desktop. Google has begun shifting their search results to reflect this shift in user behavior.

Is your website Mobile-Friendly?

And if not, what can be done to fix that?  We can help with the planning and implementation of a mobile website that Google likes.


How Does RDM Provide Marketing Analysis


We take our time when conducting this service. Market Analysis is essentially an outline for us that tells us where you are in the market, what issues are facing your company, and what we can do to change these issues. Once we have implemented all of these steps, we will review how everything is working together and the results it is getting you. If everyone is happy with the outcomes, we will keep these plans. If there are any desired changes either party would like to see, we will make that happen too!

We Are Your Google Girls and Guys

Results Driven Marketing embraces the Google culture as well as its methodology. That shows up in the way we do things around the office, but also in how we approach SEO. We treat Google as the benchmark in online searches and tailor our activities to maximize results from Google’s search engine. The Google Algorithm and the Google bots that crawl and index sites are the signals we are investigating and tracking. Our “Best Practices” for SEO are designed to get the attention of Google first, and the rest of the search engines second.


Google/Bing/Yahoo marketing Campaigns.



LOGO Creation


Consulting Services

Email Campaigns

And more,