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Focused Solutions Group can help your business triple your profits, or better.

Most small business owners often have multiple problems covering many areas of their business.  You can't afford to hire multiple consultants and have things "lost in translation", can you?  

Our consultants have a broad range of expertise covering dozens of industries and levels from Management and the Board level to the rank and file and production worker.  

Our Managing Director, Tom Smith, will come to your business for a free, no-obligation consultation (in Northern NJ) to assess how we can help you.  If he thinks we can, he will offer some insights and an idea of pricing/timing.  And we offer a fixed price in most cases.  That's our Focused Solution.  Tom also functions as the Project Manager of every project, even if he is not the primary consultant.  He oversees all projects and maintains full responsiblity.

If we can't help you, you are doing better than most companies.  And we will tell you that too!

We work with owners to figure out how to reduce costs in every aspect of business to enable the business to profitably grow.  We also help them determine how they can offer more products to more customers using the same capital assets.  Once you are more profitable, then you can make other kinds of purchase decisions.  

Plus, until your business is stable and growing, you can't sell it.  So we help you increase business value so that it is not "all you" and that there really is a business that can be sold, thus increasing the enterprise value  for the eventual sale.

So call us if you want to improve your operation!  WE CAN HELP YOU TRIPLE YOUR PROFITS!  Or Better!