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Cottage to Kastle began as a thought, an idea, a dream created many years ago. Today, our continued success rests upon the unwavering commitment we bring to each individual client. Cottage to Kastle's paramount goal is very simple -- in the most basic terms; when the need arises for the type of services we offer, Cottage to Kastle is here TO HELP YOU! No matter what the requirement is; at Cottage to Kastle - we will work exhaustingly hard to find the very best solutions to help you realize your goal! At Cottage to Kastle, we are of the firm resolve that the day we stop caring, than that is the day we need to be doing something else. Our goal is to consistently not only meet, but on a daily basis; exceed our client's needs through hard work, with grace, honor, loyalty and a powerful commitment to excellence. We thank you for the opportunity to accomplish this for you! At Cottage to Kastle, the confidence, compassion and integrity we bring to our clients through what can at times be a very difficult emotional and physical process is what makes us uniquely experienced and qualified. Whether we are working with a surviving spouse, an entire family, or an individual, we have a strong and committed approach combined with guidance and understanding to make sure our clients reach their ultimate goal — While never forgetting to enjoy the day !