Theft of Identity – Victim stated they received an alert from their bank regarding two purchases, that they did not recognize and realized their wallet was missing.  The wallet contained various credit cards, debit card, and driver’s license. 

Shoplifting – Franklin Avenue – the manager of a local business reported that a shoplifting had occurred and wished to report the incident.  The actor was described as a tall, black male, wearing a white shirt, hat, mask, camouflage pants, and carrying a backpack.  He was seen taking cold cuts, lobster, and meat.  The items were placed in his backpack and the actor left the store without paying. 

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Theft – Franklin Avenue – Resident reported to Police that 3 items they ordered via Amazon were delivered in two separate boxes and placed in the front lobby of the apartment complex.  When the victim went to retrieve their packages they were not there.


Theft – Ernest Street - Response was made to the area on a report of a bicycle theft.  The owner stated that they left their bike on their back lawn and when they returned to it, it was no longer there.  It is described as a black and white, Nevada, track bike, with a blue flash light on the left handle bar. 


Property Damage – Laurel Place – The victim told Police that they parked their vehicle in the area and when they returned they found the driver’s side window shattered with glass on the ground beneath the window and throughout the interior of the car.  It did not appear that the vehicle was rummaged through and the owner did not report anything missing.  The cost to repair the damage to the window was not available at the time of the report. 

Shoplifting – Franklin Avenue – The manager of a local business reported a shoplifting and Officers responded to the scene.  Mr. Sergio Garvin, 39, of Camden, was placed under arrest for taking 8 bags of shrimp valued at $18.98 per bag.  The total receipt reflected a $151.84 loss.  Mr. Garvin was charged with Shoplifting.


Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding a past occurred fraud.  The victim stated that they experienced some malfunction with their cell phone and found a phone number through Google for “Apple Customer Service” which they called.  The party on the line suggested the victim needed a “back-up card” and to respond to 7-11 to purchase a gift card.  The actor requested the gift card information on the card and then directed the victim to purchase more cards.  The total amount of money paid for gift cards was $1,400. The victim contacted all of their credit card companies to report the incident, and no fraudulent activity was found on their accounts.  The victim was advised to monitor their accounts closely for any other activity.


Fraud/Motor Vehicle Stop – Franklin Avenue – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of Christian Padilla, 25, of Newark, He was charged with Fraudulent Documents, 4th degree, which was placed on summons, and assigned a mandatory Court appearance.  Additionally, six (6) motor vehicle summonses were issued for the following:   Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Improper Display/Fictitious Plates, Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Failure to Have Inspection, Failure to Use Lights When Required, and Maintenance of Lamps.

Theft – Mountainview Avenue - Officers responded to the area in response to a theft.  The homeowner stated they placed a Trump 2020 sign on their front lawn and when they left for work, the sign was missing. 

Overdose (non-fatal) – Washington Avenue - Officers responded on a report of an unconscious party on the bus.  They found the victim seated in their motorized wheelchair, with a pulse, breathing, but unresponsive.  Police administered one dose of Nalaxone (Narcan) while rescue breathing was provided by NFD and NERS. First responders were able to revive the victim, and was transported to CMMC for further evaluation.