Nutley Police Director Alphonse Petracco and Chief Thomas Strumolo are advising residents and business owners of a suspicious person.

Police are investigating a series of incidents that occurred this past week in which a man enters establishments and claims he needed money because his vehicle broke down. It was later discovered that several Nutley establishments as well as Clifton businesses fell victim after believing they were helping him.

The man, police identified, as a 59 y/o Saddle Brook resident with ties to Nutley, allegedly took the tip container from one salon when refused. He has not returned as promised to reimburse any of the people he borrowed from as of the time of this notice.

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Nutley Police investigating a scam from July 2, 2020 when a Nutley resident reported they were defrauded out of close to 30,000. Police identified an actor this week that was tracked to California. The incident was a 77 y/o woman who was having difficulties with her I-Pad called a number she located on the internet. The person she believed was a technician accessed her accounts transferred money and deposited in his own account. Nutley Detectives were able to identify 65 y/o Michael Molin of Covina California as the actor. He was charged with 3rd degree Theft Essex Prosecutors authorized extradition if apprehended.



Motor Vehicle Stop – Route 21 – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrests of Cesar Salas, 26, of Passaic and Orville Maldonado, Jr. 25, of Clifton, who were transported to Headquarters without incident.  Both parties were processed, which included fingerprints and photos, and charged with Possession of Marijuana.  Mr. Salas was issued motor vehicle summonses for Unregistered Vehicle, Uninsured Vehicle, Fictitious Plates, and Tinted Windows.  Both men were advised of their Court date and released.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Centre Street – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of William Aguirre, 32, Newark, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was charged with Operating Under the Influence, Failure to Consent to Taking of Breath Samples advised of his mandatory Court date and released from custody.


Theft from Motor Vehicle – Park Avenue - The victim reported parking their vehicle, which was left unlocked and upon return noticed it, was rummaged through.  Missing was their Chase Bank debit card which was left inside the vehicle.  Nutley police were able to identify locations throughout Passaic County the card was used which enabled them to coordinate with Clifton Police to identify actors. Incident remains under investigation and charges are pending.

Fraud – Officers received a report of fraud.  Victims stated they both received suspicious letters in the mail from the “United States Office of Personal Management” stating their Social Security numbers and other personal Identifiable information were possibly stolen.  Both indicated the letter specified that the stolen information may include their name, social security number, address, date and place of birth, residency, educational and employment history, foreign travel history, and information about immediate family and business acquaintances.  Additionally, their banks contacted them advising they received two (2) fraudulent checks in the amount of $3900 each, addressed to the joint account.  Incident remains under investigation.

Theft by Deception/Theft – Kingsland Avenue - Several reports came in regarding an older male with gray hair, receding hairline, scruffy face, about 5 '11', and 240 pounds going into businesses and asking for $35.00 to pay for a tow truck for his wife’s vehicle.  The male always says that he will quickly return to pay back the money. Two local businesses gave the party the $35.00 and report he has not returned to pay it back.

Another shop owner reported the older gentleman came into their shop, but they did not give him the money because they were alerted to the scam by the neighboring business.

A shop on Kingsland Avenue reported the same incident, but when their employee turned around to tell them about the request, the older gentleman grabbed the tip jar containing approximately $50 and fled the store.  Video surveillance was provided to Officers of the incident.

The identity of the actor was found to be that of a 59-year-old male from Saddle Brook with ties to Nutley.  All parties were advised of their right to sign complaints with the Court for the incidents.  (SEE TOWNSHIP ADVISORY) 

Motor Vehicle Investigation – Franklin Avenue - Officers responded to the area in regards to multiple 9-1-1 calls regarding a male party being chased by a motorist in a black, Mercedes Benz, from Dodd Street to Franklin Avenue.  The suspect, Brian Wells, 36, of Lebanon, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters.  He was issued the following motor vehicle summonses:

Driving While Intoxicated, Driving After DL Suspended, Failure to Possess Insurance Card, Consent to Take Breath Sample Refusal.  Advised of his Court date and released. 


Fraud – Headquarters was advised of an unusual phone call received by one of its residents.  The victim stated that an individual claiming to be an “official from the Social Security Administration” called about a rental truck (in the victim’s name) in Texas with illegal drugs.  They asked for the last four (4) digits of their social security number, bank information, and the balance of funds in the accounts.  After giving the caller their information, the victim became suspicious, hung up, and contacted Police.   


Fraud -  The victim reported to Headquarters that they received a call from a male party who identified himself as a “Texas Federal CIA Officer.”  He told the victim that their Social Security number had been used to open up many bank accounts and those accounts had been associated with money and drug laundering. He requested the remaining funds from the victim’s bank account to avoid arrest and prosecution from the crimes committed.  He asked that the funds be placed on gift cards and to provide him with the gift card numbers and access codes.

The victim provided the actor with their full name, address, birthdate, social security number, and sent a text message of their driver’s license.  Additionally, the victim withdrew the remaining funds from their bank account. 

“The actor identified himself as Mr. Carter” instructed the victim to go to Target and place the funds on gift cards.  While at Target, four (4) gift cards were purchased totaling $2,000. 

The gift card information was given to “Mr. Carter” who then instructed the victim to proceed to their nearest 7-11 to place the remaining money on gift cards.  The store manager felt that the victim was acting suspicious and refused to make the sale.  “Mr. Carter” continued to encourage the victim to try other businesses and it was at that moment that the victim believed they were being scammed and terminated the call.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.


Theft – Franklin Avenue - Officers responded to the area in regards to a report of a suspicious party.  Upon arrival the party was found with car parts, specifically a wiper blade removed from a vehicle on property, that did not belong to them.  The owner of the business confirmed that the party did not belong on premises at this time.  The actor, Ismail Aburoumi, 30, of Clifton, was placed under arrest.  He was also found to have an outstanding warrant out of Lyndhurst.  Nutley charged Mr. Aburoumi with Burglary Tools and Theft, both disorderly person offenses with a mandatory Court date.  The summons will be mailed due to his transfer to Lyndhurst PD.