Motor Vehicle Theft – Laura Avenue -  Nutley police were investigating the theft of a late model Mercedes Benz from Laura Ave when Newark PD advised vehicle located in their jurisdiction.  The Mercedes SUV was left unlocked in the driveway with the key fob inside the vehicle.  After the owner was given instructions for picking up their car at the Newark Tow Yard.  They took possession and brought vehicle back to their Laura Ave residence.

The following night the same actors came back with the key fob they kept from previous night and stole the vehicle again, as well as another vehicle a Chevy Equinox from Elm Pl.

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The Chevy was involved in a motor vehicle pursuit with Hanover Police where three actors were arrested and detained. Although this remains under investigation, police recovered both vehicles and believe these actors are responsible for other thefts in Nutley as well.

Three (3) Attempted Motor Vehicle Thefts - Funston Place -  A resident of the block found video footage of parties attempting to enter their Mercedes and Land Rover while parked in their driveway during the night.  No entry was gained to either vehicle due to them being left secure when parked.  Actors were described as African American or Hispanic, with the first party having a slim build, wearing a face covering, black pants, sneakers, and a blue/gray hooded sweatshirt over their head.  The other male was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and face covering.  A third actor attempted entry into a vehicle next door, Honda, but was unsuccessful, due to it being locked.  He was also described as wearing a hooded sweatshirt.  Detectives believe these are the same actors responsible for stealing vehicles from Laura Ave and Elm St.

Theft – Ridge Road -  The victim stated they had a garage sale at their residence and their cell phone was missing.  It is described as an iPhone 7, pink case, valued at over $200.  There were over 60 people that attended the sale, and an actor/s is not known. 


Theft/Fraud -  Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim’s relative explained that when reviewing the victim’s accounts, they found several suspicious transactions.  There were a total of 26 withdrawals not authorized by the victim.  The withdrawals were made in the areas of Newark, Irvington, East Orange, Elizabeth, and Clifton.  There were an additional three (3) larger withdrawals, total $2,200, made in Nutley.  

Criminal Mischief – Laura Avenue -  Due to a vehicle that was stolen at the neighbor’s home, the victim incurred damage to their retaining wall and lawn.  Officers helped move the retaining wall blocks off of the sidewalk so there would not be a hazard.  Homeowner’s insurance information was taken and neighbor was made aware of the damage.

Theft of Identity – A resident reported receiving a call from someone claiming to work with the “Amazon Anti-Hacking Department” who stated the victim had recent fraudulent charges on their Amazon account.  The victim was not aware of any such charges.  The actor stated that to rectify the issue they would need personal information from the victim including driver’s license number, bank account number, and social security number, which were provided.  The victim was advised that this was a scam and while Police were present the victim contacted all banks and credit card companies to report the incident.  There was no fraudulent activity on any of the accounts.  The victim was enrolled into the Identity Theft Database and advised to contact Headquarters should they have any future concerns. 


Criminal Mischief – Centre Street -  Officers responded to the area in regards to a broken front door window.  Employee stated that while they were in the bathroom they heard a noise – possible door slamming shut – but after checking the glass on the front door was found fractured/cracked but still intact.  There were no loose objects found around the door that could have caused the damage.  The owner arrived on scene and was aware of the incident.  A canvass of the area was done with negative results.


Property Damage – Walnut Street – Homeowner reported that the electrical wire leading to their home was disconnected from their residence by a passing truck.  PSE&G was contacted and arrived on scene to reconnect the wire.  Nothing further.

Fraud – Victim reported several suspicious phone calls received from a party named “Kevin M. Huse from the Social Security Administration.”  He stated that there was fraudulent activity on the victim’s account and asked for their name and last four (4) digits of their social security number, which were provided.  The caller then began to make statements regarding Federal Agents investigating a 2012 Black Toyota Camry found in Texas containing 22 pounds of cocaine and blood linked to the victim which may lead to their possible arrest.  Additionally, they claimed that there was a warrant out for the victim’s arrest in Texas.  The victim attempted to call the phone numbers back, with Police present, but all the numbers were disconnected. The victim’s accounts were all found in order and they were advised to contact all of their financial institutions and social security to advise them of the incident. 

Theft – Passaic Avenue -  Officers responded to the area in regards to a theft.  The victim stated they noticed a pot missing from their garden, value $10, approximately eight (8) days ago.  Additionally, tomatoes have gone missing from the garden on random dates/times.  The area was checked for surveillance cameras with negative results.


Animal Bite Incident/Dog at Large – East Centre Street -  The Pit Bull was in his backyard when he suddenly jumped over the fence and ran out to the front of the house and attacked a family walking by.  The 1-year-old child in a stroller was bit on the back of the neck causing a deep laceration and profuse bleeding. The child and father were transported to the hospital by EMS.  The mother also was injured during the attack.  The owner of the Pit Bull was issued a Township Ordinance for Dog at Large and advised the dog must be quarantined for 10 days.  Animal Control was on scene and took dog into their care for the duration of the quarantine period.  The dog was found to be properly licensed and all shots up to date. 

Suspicious Person – Franklin Avenue -  Headquarters was advised of this party walking through traffic in the middle of the street and also for possibly urinating in a garbage can also on Franklin Avenue.  After stopping the actor, it was found that they were deaf and communication was done via a notepad.  Mr. Jerome Newsome, 46, Newark was found to have multiple outstanding warrants out of Newark (2) and Cherry Hill.  All jurisdictions were contacted and released Mr. Newsome on his own recognizance with new Court dates.  He was then sent on his way.

Motor Vehicle Fire – Washington Avenue – Police Officers along with Nutley Fire responded to the report of a car on fire.  The fire was extinguished prior to arrival and the registered owner of the Dodge Pickup Truck stated they noticed smoke billowing from under the hood and pulled over for their safety and a passerby helped the owner extinguish the flames.  The truck had visible burn marks on the front and to parts under the hood.  Nutley Fire evaluated the vehicle and believe it to have been an electrical fire.  No injuries were reported and the vehicle was towed from the scene.  Nothing further.