Identity Theft – Headquarters - Headquarters received a walk in report regarding identity theft.  The victim stated that they received a letter from the I.R.S. stating they owed $11,000 in taxes from 2017.  They are stating that the victim did not claim $21,609 in income they made from PayPal in 2017.  The victim had a PayPal account a long time ago, but it was no longer active.  PayPal was contacted and advised the victim that their social security number was linked to one of their accounts.  Since the victim did not have the username or password, PayPal could not provide them with any information on the account.  The three (3) credit bureaus were contacted and no suspicious activity was found on their accounts.  Officers advised the victim of the Identity Theft database but they declined to enter.  PayPal requested a Police report so they could investigate the fraudulent link.


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Motor Vehicle Stop – Route 21 – Patrol Units initiated a motor vehicle stop that resulted in the arrest of the driver, Mr. Jose Polanco, 32, of North Arlington.  He was transported to Headquarters, issued the following motor vehicle summonses: Failure to Maintain Lane, Driving While Intoxicated, Unclear Plates, Careless Driving, Failure to Possess Driver’s License, Failure to Possess Insurance Card, Driving While Driver’s License Suspended or Revoked, No Liability Insurance on Motor Vehicle, advised of his mandatory Court date and released.


Property Damage – Kennedy Drive – Officers responded to the area in regard to property damage.  The victim stated they returned to their vehicle after work, opened their driver’s side door, heard a popping sound and immediately observed the rear driver’s side cargo area window shatter and glass particles fall to the ground.  Upon closer inspection of the vehicle, no other damage was found to indicate a motor vehicle accident.  There was a small rock found next to vehicle that could have been kicked up, hit the window, which caused the window to shatter when the door was opened.  

Suspicious Incident – River Road – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a past occurred suspicious incident.  The victim stated that a couple of days ago they found their driver’s side door slightly ajar, which is always locked.  Upon checking the interior, nothing was found to be missing.  A neighbor mentioned to the victim that around 4am that morning when they got home from work, they saw four (4) males in the complex parking lot attempt to open the victim’s car doors and then get into a silver Nissan Rogue.  The neighbor attempted to follow them to obtain a license plate but was unable to get it.  


Theft – Bloomfield Avenue – The caller stated that their girlfriend took their phone and left the scene.  The cellphone is a black Wiki cellphone worth approximately $99. The victim stated they attempted to contact the girlfriend by calling their cellphone with negative results.  Girlfriend never responded back  victim was advised of trheir right to sign a complaint.