Fraud – the victim received a phone call on their cellphone from a party who identified himself from the social security office. He advised the victim that their account was "breached" and a warrant out for their arrest in Texas. The victim was then instructed to go to the bank, withdraw $10,000.00, and place it in the security box when the Officer arrives at their home, and the victim would be issued a new social security card.  The victim agreed and when they went to the bank to retrieve the money, the teller said it seemed suspicious. The victim was told by the caller that he would not speak to the teller because the incident was supposed to be confidential, and then instructed the victim to leave the bank and purchase two (2) prepaid gift cards each for $500.00. After doing so victim gave the caller the code numbers on the cards.

Motor Vehicle Crash – Centre Street – A motor vehicle crash resulted in the arrest of the driver, Ms. Linda Tedesco, 48, of Belleville.  She was issued summonses for Driving While Intoxicated, Reckless Driving, and Open Container.  Ms. Tedesco was released with her mandatory Court date.

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Theft from Vehicle – Highfield Lane - Officers responded to the area in response to a report of a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated their neighbor alerted them that a male party, slim build, gray hooded sweater, and dark sweatpants with a stripe down the leg, entered the vehicle from the front driver’s side door.  The actor then exited the vehicle and ran across the lawn attempting to get into another vehicle next door.  The suspect was being followed by a white 4-door-vehicle as they were moving from driveway to driveway. 

Attempted Theft from Vehicle – Highfield Lane - In addition to the vehicle being entered on the same street, the victims reported that the party was observed entering their property and attempting to open the door to their vehicle parked in the driveway.  Entry was not made due to the vehicle being locked.


Fraud – A party selling a bench online, received a check from the buyer for more than the item was worth and was informed that it was for the funds necessary for transporting the item.  The certified cashier’s check was deposited into the victim’s account and the next day was advised it had cleared.  The seller then followed the instructions given to them by the “movers” on how to transfer the funds to them.  The total funds sent to the movers via Zelle and prepaid gift cards totaled $1,700.00.  After that was done, the buyer called the seller and told them they changed their mind and did not want the bench, so they instructed the seller to send them an additional $175 through a prepaid gift card and provide the code on the back, as they did previous.  The following day the check was found to be fraudulent.  Total loss of funds by the victim $1,875.00.

Past Occurred Theft – Bloomfield Avenue - Resident stated a political sign (Trump.  Pence.  Make America Great Again.  2020) was taken from their lawn.  The victim wanted the incident documented since they had been made aware of other individuals having their signs stolen. 

Theft – Witherspoon Street - Headquarters received a report of a package theft.  The victim stated they received an alert that their office chair was delivered to their home.  Upon returning home the package was not observed.  Upon contact with FedEx customer service they advised that the package was left at the home and the victim would need to file a dispute with Fed Ex. 


Theft from Vehicle – Wilshire Drive - Victim reported to Officers that their fob to get thru their community gate, along with the mailbox key, residential keys, taken from inside their vehicle. 

Animal Complaint – Hillside Avenue - Two dogs that escaped from their fenced in yard bit two parties during the incident.  The owner was issued four (4) Township Ordinances for Two (2) Dogs at Large, and Two (2) Unlicensed Dogs.  Both animals were checked for updated Rabies vaccination status and that information was forwarded to both victims. 

Theft – Kingsland Street - Officers responded to Kingsland Park on a report of a theft.  The victim stated they left their three (3) bicycles alongside the walking path near Kingsland Street closer to the waterfall steps and when they returned to the bicycles, one of the bikes was missing. 


Fraud – the victims reported that while working with parties they thought were from the “Geek Squad” their computer was hacked and personal files and date lost.  They observed the computer mouse moving and felt they were hacked remotely. 

Motor Vehicle Theft – Myrtle Avenue - Headquarters received a call from Newark PD advising of a found white Kia that they believed may have been stolen.  Upon contacting the registered owner, it was determined that their vehicle was stolen from the driveway.

Theft – Chestnut Street - Officers responded to the area on the report of a theft.  The victim stated that a silver Honda CRV pulled up near the POD located on the property.  A white male, possibly Hispanic, with gray hair, between 50-60 years of age, was seen moving some items around and then taking a box, along with another item and placing them in their vehicle and leaving the area.  Shortly thereafter, the same party returned and took a vase and left the area. 

Theft – Fischer Avenue - Officers responded to the area in regards to a theft.  The homeowner stated that their political lawn sign reading “Trump 2020” was taken from their property. 


Burglary – Grant Avenue - Officers responded to the area on a 911 burglary call. A resident that was expecting a PSE&G repair heard a knock on their door and was greeted by two (2) parties claiming to need to speak with them regarding the neighbor’s fence being placed in the backyard.  The female actor asked the homeowner to go in the backyard, so they could explain to process and the male actor stayed at the front door.  While the homeowner was in the backyard they realized they did not lock the front door and went back into the house.  They found the male actor in their home coming out of the bedroom.  It was then that the homeowner screamed for help and called 911.  The actors fled the scene in a white pick-up truck -Detective Bureau was also on scene and took over the investigation and requests anyone that may have observed this duo in white pickup contact police.

Motor Vehicle Crash – Prospect Street - A motor vehicle crash resulted in the arrest of the driver, Mr. John Wille, 69, of Nutley.  He was issued motor vehicle summonses for: Driving While Intoxicated and Reckless Driving. He was released with his mandatory Court date.