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Police warn that we received several reports in which residents engaged with unknown persons on their phone and online in which they consensually exchanged sexually explicit videos and photos. However, unbeknown to victim, the video and photos were captured by the caller, and then threatened to send them to all their contacts if money is not sent. Some incidents a third-party caller alleged the other person was a minor and that police will be called. There are several variations of the scam however they all have the same motive and that is to have victim send money via wire or gift card transfers.

Police warn that caution should be taken when conversing with unknown parties through internet, social media or phone. They remind residents not to send explicit photos, even if they are reciprocal. This is a popular scam and police continue to receive reports.


 Theft – Manhattan Court - Homeowner contacted Police to report their “TRUMP” lawn sign was stolen, and their house "egged" during overnight hours.  The home was hit by at least 4 eggs on the windows and roof. 


Property Damage – Oak Street – Two homes on Oak Street were damaged due to a tree falling on one of the homes during the high winds and rain.  The home was unoccupied at the time.  It was not known how much damage was done to the home since the tree was covering up the home.  The owners were advised of the incident, along with PSE&G who were called to the scene.  The Fire Department and Code Enforcement were contacted and responded to the scene.  Shade Tree was notified as the tree belonged to the Township. 

A home adjacent next door had siding ripped off the home and garage due to the electrical wires being torn off the house.  PSE&G and Fire were notified on scene.

Property Damage – Chestnut Street – Officers responded to a call regarding a tree that feel in between two houses.  The tree also broke a telephone pole in half and caused another pole to shift and rest in a leaning position. 

Suspicious Incident – The victim reported to Police that they received an email from someone stating they were from the FBI and that they were being contacted because they owed $1,900.00 to a client of the FBI.  The email stated that if they did not pay the money, they would be arrested.  Additionally, the victim received a text message from an unknown number that read: “you are found” and listed an address in NY that belonged to a relative of the victim.  The victim did not send any money to anyone.   


Fraud – Two individuals received letters from the NJ Unemployment Office stating their unemployment claims were approved.  Neither victim processed any unemployment claims.  Each party contacted the NJ Unemployment Office to report the fraud and were urged to make Police reports.  Neither victim had any suspicious activity or transactions on their personal accounts but were advised to monitor them closely.  Each party was advised how to obtain a copy of their report for their records.

Property Damage – Darling Avenue – Victim stated while driving their 2021 Chevy Tahoe at the intersection of Kingsland Street near Darling Avenue, there was wet paint spilled on the road.  When the victim drove over it, the paint got on the undercarriage, wheels, tires, and body of the vehicle.  The vehicle was washed, but the paint did not come off. 

Theft – River Road – The victim of theft reported the incident to Officers.  They received an email alert that their package was delivered and when they went to retrieve it, it was gone. 

Suspicious Incident – Hawthorne Avenue – A resident reported that they found a small black bag containing what is believed to be feces next to one of the “Trump” political signs on their lawn.  Additionally, a neighbor had a similar incident occur on their property. 


Animal Incident – Rev. Roberts Place – Officers responded to the area regarding a found dog.  The owner’s information was able to be obtained from their tag and contact was made to reunite the owner and the canine.  The owner was advised the dog needs to be secured while outside the residence, or they could be charged.


Fraud -Victim stated that they had received a phone call requesting their Medicare card number, to which they provided to the actor.  A few days later they received a call for their wife’s Medicare number which they felt was suspicious and terminated the call.  There is no information regarding the caller.  Medicare contacted the victim and advised their Medicare account had been fraudulently used and new cards were being issued for both victims. 

Fraud – Victim stated a party named “Edwin Brown,” from the DEA contacted them and stated that someone rented a vehicle under their name in Texas and drugs were found in the vehicle. Additionally, the actor stated that $900,000 worth of accounts were opened in the name of the victim. 

Another actor working in the name of "James Anderson,” from the DEA requested the last four digits of the victims Social Security number, their date of birth, and bank account information, which the victim provided during the call and received a case number.  The victim contacted their bank and advised them of the incident.  There was no suspicious or unusual activity present to their accounts at the time of the report, but they will continue to be monitored.

Township Ordinance – Booth Park - Officers stopped a party riding a bike in the park and when attempting to speak with them they were very aggressive and yelling.  The party would not let the Officer explain why they were being detained.  The party did provide their name and was advised that they would be receiving a Township Ordinance for Being in the Park After Dark and advised of the Court date.