Fraud – The victim reported to Officers that they were selling a laptop computer on Facebook Marketplace and found a buyer.  The price agreed upon was $1,070.00.  The buyer/actor asked if they could pay through PayPal and the victim agreed.  While the victim was waiting for the PayPal transaction to clear they mailed the laptop to the buyer/actor.  During the course of their interaction, the buyer/actor stated that they needed money from the victim in order for the PayPal payment to go through.  The victim sent a total of $1,300.00 through three (3) different transactions.  It was at that time the victim realized they were scammed. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Centre Street - Officers performed a motor vehicle investigation after finding a vehicle parked over the curb on the grass near a small tree.  The driver was placed under arrest and issued the following summonses:  Driving While Intoxicated and Unregistered vehicle.  He was advised of his mandatory Court date and released from custody. 

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Theft – Yantacaw Place - The victim reported to Police that their daughter’s bike stolen from Yanticaw Park.  The bike was left by the bike rack near the child’s playground.  It is described as a gold, BMX style bike, with black pedals, and a rainbow colored seat. 


Fraud – The victim of fraud reported the incident to Police.  They stated they received harassing text messages from a number they did not recognize stating: the caller claimed they would hurt family members and knew the victim’s address, and would send people to their houses unless $5,000.00 was sent.  Additionally, gruesome photos were sent after asking for the money.  At that time the victim contacted Police who assured that this has become a common scam to residents to collect money. 

Theft from Motor Vehicle – Chadwick Drive - Response was made to the area in regards to Theft from Motor Vehicle.  The victim stated they returned to their vehicle and found contents missing including their house key, vehicle key, and a bank envelope with cash in it.  The vehicle was left unlocked when parked. 

Motor Vehicle Theft – Walnut Street - Officers responded to the area in regards to a stolen masonry dump truck taken from its assigned parking space.  The vehicle was left locked when parked and upon return the truck was no longer there.  Officers observed broken glass in the area indicating the passenger side window was shattered. The truck is described as red with blue writing on the sides.  Tools that were located within the vehicle were reported missing. The description of the truck was reported to all surrounding agencies. 

Theft from Motor Vehicle – Renner Avenue - Response was made to the area in regards to Theft from Vehicle.  The victim stated that they believed someone entered their vehicle while it was left in the driveway.  The vehicle was left unsecure and upon return the glove compartment was found opened. 


Motor Vehicle Theft – Hancox Avenue - Detectives were dispatched to the area in regards to a stolen motor vehicle.  The victim stated that they parked their Subaru in their driveway and left the key fob inside the vehicle.  When they returned to the vehicle they found it missing and their other vehicle rummaged through.  The actors were described as wearing shorts, and dark colored hooded sweatshirts and were seen entering the Acura.  Surrounding towns were advised of the theft and shortly thereafter the vehicle was found in the City of Newark.

Shoplifting – Harrison Street - Officers responded to the area in regards to a report of Shoplifting.  The actor, Jaime Rojas, 32, of Bloomfield, was placed under arrest, charged with Shoplifting, and Obstructing the Administration of Law or Other Government Function, both Disorderly Person’s Offenses.  He was processed, advised of his mandatory Court date, and released. 


Theft from Vehicle – Chadwick Drive - Response was made to the area in regards to a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that when they returned to their vehicle they found the contents of one of the compartments thrown around the vehicle, and a key chain missing. 

Burglary – River Road - Headquarters received a call regarding trespassers on a property attempting to enter vehicles.  Upon arrival the three parties were found hiding in the area.  The suspects were apprehended and identified as juveniles who were charged as follows:  17- year- old was charged with Obstruction and Harassment the 16-year-old was charged with Obstruction, and the 15-year-old was charged with Burglary, and Obstruction.  All juveniles were released to their parents.

Fraud – The victim informed Officers that someone opened two different accounts via online applications under their name and overdrew one account in the amount of $483.00, and the other account was denied due to lack of information.  Both financial institutions were advised and informed the victim they should make a Police report.  .


Motor Vehicle Stop – Route 21 - A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of Mr. Jorge Portuguez, 42, of Belleville, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was issued the following summonses:  Refusal to Give Breath Samples, Consuming Alcoholic Beverage Open Container, and Driving While Intoxicated.  He was advised of his mandatory Court date and released from custody.