THEFT FROM VEHICLE – Humbert Street - Officers responded to the area regarding a report of theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that when they arrived home, they noticed their briefcase and lunch box in the street. Upon checking their vehicle, they noticed the items inside in disarray.   

THEFT FROM VEHICLE – River Road - Response was made to the area in regards to a theft from vehicle report.  The victim stated that upon return to their vehicle, which was left unlocked, they found it to have been rummaged through, and a wallet missing from inside. 

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Surveillance shows two (2) dark skin males, one wearing a red/black hooded sweatshirt, and dark pants having a white stripe and the other wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt with light colored pants, walking north through the Sleepy Hollow parking lot.  They stopped, and one male attempted to open the passenger side door of an Acura TLX that was locked. 


THEFT - Lakeside Drive - Officers were dispatched to the area to take a report of theft.  The homeowner stated that they noticed their bicycle was taken from the driveway.  The bike is described as a black, Schwinn Ascension.  There was an unknown bicycle left in the grass patch near the end of their driveway.  This bike was a red, GT Palomar and did not belong to the victim.  It is believed the actor was riding the red bicycle prior to taking the victim’s bike

THEFT – Park Avenue - Headquarters received a report of theft.  The victim stated that a package that was delivered via Amazon was taken from the apartment building front entry hallway.  This is the second incident in the last week. 

THEFT FROM VEHICLE – Franklin Avenue - Officers responded to the area for a theft from two school busses.  Two school busses were broken into and items missing.  An employee’s found the rear roof hatch to be ajar.  The bus was ransacked, and several sanitizing/cleaning products missing from within.  Vehicle was parked adjacent to Walker Middle School. The Detective Bureau is investigating.

Fraud – The victim of Identity Theft reported the incident to Officers.  They stated they found that an unidentified actor took out a disaster relief loan under their name in the amount of $21,000.00 from the Small Business Association.  The association was contacted and advised of the fraudulent claim.  A Police report was advised, and Officers discussed the Identity Theft database which the victim applied. 


Fraud – the scam used to scare victims into giving their social security number is very active amongst residents.  Federal agents will not be coming to your home and under no circumstances should you give out your social security number or pay anyone through gift cards, and/or wire transfer for a new social security card.  Hang up, and contact Police if you should receive this type of phone call.

Multiple Frauds – Four (4) victims reported receiving a letter from the NJ Department of Labor stating that they were confirming their unemployment filing.  The victims did not make these claim and feel unidentified actor/s used their personal information to make the fraudulent claims.  The victims were advised of the Identity Theft Database available for registry.


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF - Centre Street - Homeowner stated they were wakened by a thud/bang at the front of their home.  Upon opening the front door, they saw eggs had been thrown at the home and their political sign on the lawn was bent.  A few weeks ago, the same type sign “Trump 2020” was stolen from their front yard.  There was no permanent damage found to the home after the egg was washed off.

FRAUD – A scam where a female actor/s sends naked photos to the victim and then a male actor/s follows up with threats that the victim was provided a service and needs to send money or their family members will be harmed is on the rise again within the Township.  The male actor/s then sends disturbing photos of dead bodies to scare the victims into sending funds via electronic means or through gift card purchases.  WhatsApp and CashApp are being used to communicate with victims.  Contact Police should you receive any of these correspondences and DO NOT send money.

Police Pursuit- In the early morning hours at approx. 3:00 AM a police officer observed a black Lexus speeding down Franklin Ave. The officer attempted to stop the car that was found to be stolen out of Orange and involved in a home invasion using a handgun. The occupants refused to stop for police and fled up Harrison St, Bloomfield Ave to Hoover. The pursuit continued along W. Passaic Ave. Pake, and back to Harrison, before getting onto the Parkway South. Police stopped chasing in Bloomfield to ensure no one was injured when the vehicle started driving recklessly. Many calls were received questioning why there were sirens early that morning.  Nutley is working with other jurisdictions in an attempt to identify actors who still remain at large.

THEFT FROM VEHICLE – East Centre Street - Officers responded to the area regarding a report of theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that when they went to their car, they found the vehicle had been entered and the contents of the glove box and center console thrown about the seats.