Burglary – Florence Street – Officers responded to the area in reference to a past occurred burglary.  The victim stated that they noticed last week they were missing items from their garage.  The garage door is left unlocked generally, and there was no sign of forced entry.  .

Theft by Deception - The victim stated they applied electronically for several jobs and was contacted by an unknown person claiming to be “Mary Wilson.”  Ms. Wilson sent an email stating she represented Locke Farm Center, a subsidiary of Oticon, Inc., which is a NJ based company that the victim recognized.  The actor stated to the victim via email that they got the job and they would receive checks from the company to purchase equipment to start to work from home.  Two (2) checks were received in the amounts of $950.00 and $1950.00 from a bank in Alabama.  The victim deposited the checks into their account and purchased the equipment requested via email from the actor, Ms. Wilson (an iPhone and office equipment).  The items were paid with funds from the victim’s account after having deposited the checks received.  The victim became suspicious of the format and began to question Ms. Wilson for more information, such as a direct contact phone number or other corporate information.  The victim was told a supervisor would be contacting them.  The electronic checks did not clear and the funds promised were not available.  The cell phone was not updated with company information or returned to the victim and there has been no further contact from any other alleged representatives.

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All agencies were contacted regarding the fraudulent activity to the victim’s accounts.  A block was put onto the accounts and the phone was deactivated and serial number entered as stolen. 

Motor Vehicle Crash – Route 21 – A motor vehicle crash resulted in the arrest of Lillian Harvey-Belcher, 63, of Newark.  She was issued motor vehicle summonses for:  Operating Under Influence, Careless Driving, Traffic on Marked Lanes – Unsafe Lane Change which were mailed through the Nutley Court. 


Arrest on Warrant – Centre Street – A field interview resulted in the arrest of Ninrood Natal, 42, of Belleville, for outstanding warrants from the Essex County Sheriff’s Department and Belleville.  He was taken into custody and a search incident to arrest found him to be in possession of 4 bags of suspected marijuana.  Mr. Natal was transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility at the request of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department.  He was also charged with 1 count of Possession of Marijuana.

Theft by Deception - The victim reported to Headquarters that they were in conversation with a site catering to Bichon puppies over the course of a couple of days.  The party identified themselves as “David Nguyen” and there were several emails sent, including pictures and video of the puppy.  A sale/contract for the puppy and a guarantee for delivery of the puppy were exchanged. A payment was requested in the amount of $500 as an electronic bank transfer, which was deposited into the actor’s account.  A second electronic deposit was sent as requested and a response was generated that the funds were received.  The flight information was received by the victim regarding the dog’s arrival.  The victim attempted several times to make contact with “David Nguyen” with negative results.  The website was found to be inactive and the phone number provided was not working.  Officers attempted to contact Mr. Nguyen with negative results.  The victim’s financial institution was contacted and advised of the incident.  Copies of all emails and the contract were placed into evidence.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraud.  The victim stated they were made aware of a fraudulent charge in the amount of $2,413.28 against their checking account for a charge through Macy’s.  The bank’s fraud protection department is currently investigating the matter.  Two (2) days after the victim reported the incident to the financial institution, they received a phone call from a “Laura Langston” who made reference to the Macy’s purchase, which the victim found unusual.  No information was provided to the “Ms. Langston.”  A check of the phone number found the number had been associated with similar scams and does appear to match any of the fraud department contact information associated with the bank.  The victim is in possession of all of their debit cards and will be checking all of their accounts for any fraudulent activity.


Theft from Vehicle – Hay Avenue – A resident responded to Headquarters to report a theft from vehicle.  It was stated that when the victim returned to their vehicle they found their laptop computer was taken from inside the vehicle.  It Is possible that the vehicle was left unlocked when it was parked during the overnight hours.  There was no damage found on the vehicle. The value of the computer was unknown at the time of the report.  The computer was a company laptop and the value will be provided at a later date.  The vehicle had been used prior to Police being contacted. 

Motor Vehicle Incident – Washington Avenue – A dispute regarding damage caused to a neighboring fence resulted in the arrest of Gina Scrudato,48, of Nutley.  She was transported to Headquarters and charged with Operating A Motor Vehicle During License Suspension, which was placed on summons.  She was printed/processed without incident.

Additionally, she was issued the following motor vehicle summonses:  Operating Under Influence, Failure to Install Interlock/Drive Car W/O Interlock, Driving After DL/Registration Suspended/Revoked, Careless Driving: Operate Motor Vehicle Causing Property Damage, Failure to Report Accident, and Leaving Scene of Accident Involving Property Damage.  Mrs. Scrudato was released to a family member.

The passenger was issued a summonses: Oper/Allow Person – Influence of Liquor or Drug to Operate Motor Vehicle.


Theft – Passaic Avenue – Headquarters received a report of stolen license plates.  The victim stated that a vehicle they owned, that has since been totaled, had license plates that were left behind when they moved out of their apartment.  They have been receiving toll violations from the MTA between 2/2020 and 2/16/2020 and then on 4/30/2020.  The plates were entered as stolen and the victim was advised to contact the MTA when they receive their Police report.


Dispute – Bloomfield Avenue - Officers arrived on a call regarding a dispute which resulted in Mr. Jonathan Melendez, 19, of Nutley, found to have an outstanding warrant out of Newark for a Township Ordinance.  Due to current pandemic procedures, Mr. Melendez was not taken into custody, but advised to contact the Newark Court in regards to the warrant.  Both parties were calm and left the scene. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud, where the victim stated that their American Express credit card was involved in fraudulent activity.  While checking their online bank apps, the victim notices two (2) purchases made this morning: 1 online Apple purchase worth $457.42, and the other purchase through Best Buy in the amount of $600.00.  American Express was contacted, they froze the account and processed a refund for both purchases. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated they received a phone call from someone representing Venmo, who stated that a friend of the victim had fraudulent activity to their account.  It was used to take money from a separate account.  After an hour of trying to confirm how the transaction was completed, the friend’s account was frozen through Venmo.  The “representative” stated that if the victim transferred $2,000.00 into the friend’s account, Venmo would unfreeze it.  The money was transferred and that is when the victim was advised that it was a scam.  The financial institution was contacted and advised of the incident.  Two separate transactions were showing, with one still pending, and able to be frozen.  The other one was already deposited and the account closed. 

Shoplifting – Harrison Street – Officers responded to the area in regards to a call of a shoplifter.  The suspect was described as a female, with brown hair, wearing beige pants and a pink shirt.  The store manager pointed out the suspect upon Police arrival, and explained that they witnessed the actor place a razor and various hygiene products into their purse.  The aisle was checked and found that the items were missing.  The suspect was approached and admitted to having the items I their purse.  The approximate total of proceeds taken was $356.00.  Linda Rangel, 63, of Belleville, was charged with Shoplifting placed on summons with a mandatory Court date. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they were in contact with an eBay buyer, “David,” who was to purchase a piece of artwork for $600.00. Once the funds were secured, a check was sent to Kikkoman Sales USA for $1,630.00 and the victim was told to keep the $600 and disburse the balance via Zelle (the cash payment App). The victim felt there was fraudulent activity and did not cash the check.  Communication has been blocked from “David” and the check was ripped up after not being able to identify the company it was drawn on.

Criminal Mischief – High Street – a report of criminal mischief to auto was received on this date.  The victim stated that earlier in the day a vehicle, possible black Nissan Pathfinder, stopped in front of their home with kids in it.  Later on, the victim moved their vehicle closer to their house and when they went back to their car they found it to have egg on the side window and door.  Additionally, there were egg shells on the street.   There was no physical damage to the car and the egg was able to be removed.  The victim was advised of their right to sign a complaint against the actor/s should they be identified.


Fraud -  An incident of fraud was documented by Headquarters.  The victim stated that they received a call from a credit union in Connecticut who stated that an unknown actor presented a New Jersey driver’s license to a bank employee in order to withdraw funds from the victim’s account.  The picture on the driver's license was different, as well as the issuance date and expiration date.  The employee deemed it suspicious, and did not provide the male party with any money.  The bank contacted the Police Department in their jurisdiction but also wanted a Police report done in our jurisdiction as well.  The victim was advised to monitor their financial accounts/credit bureaus and to contact Nutley PD should anything suspicious have occurred.