Fraud/Theft by Deception – Victim received an automated call stating their cell phone account was suspended.  When calling they spoke to “Tom Walker” who claimed to be a representative.  He advised that their account was suspended due to it being “hacked” and a device was ordered under the account.  The actor advised that they would need to be provided the PIN number sent by the phone company and not to log into their account because it was being tracked by authorities.  It was at that point that the victim hung up the phone. The male actor contacted the victim 4 more times over the next two days.  One time (2nd) to alert the victim that a shipment would be coming to their home, which the victim told them they had no authority to place and hung up the phone.  The third call advised the victim that the package had arrived but not to worry a “retrieval team member” was sent out to pick it up for return.   The forth call, (all calls from the same party), advised that the "retrieval team member" attempted to pick up the package, but was unable to do so because Police were in the area diverting traffic and to leave it outside for pick up the next day.  The victim refused to comply because the package contained and iPad Pro worth approximately $1,100.00. The fifth and final call came in telling the victim that the “retrieval team member” was there to pick up the package, but the victim did not observe any delivery type person outside their residence.  Shortly after, the victim observed a white Lexus with tinted windows and Florida license plates parked across from their home, which then moved in front of their residence. An actor described as a Hispanic male, 19-20 years old, wearing a white shirt and grey pants, walked up to the door stating they were the “retrieval team member. “Tom Walker” (who was still on the phone) advised the victim to give the package to the driver of the vehicle, but the victim found it to be suspicious, so the victim decided not to do so and hung up the phone.  The “retrieval team member” returned to their vehicle and left the scene.  Verizon was attempted to be contacted, but due to minimal hours due to COVID, could not make contact.  Officers advised the victim to block the number from their phone.  They checked their personal accounts and everything appeared in order.  The victim would be reaching out to the phone company on the next business day to report the incident.


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Theft – Mountainview Avenue – Residents reported that after a get together at their home, there were items missing.  The homeowners did not notice the theft until the next day.  Detective Bureau is investigating.

Theft – Elm Place – Response was made to the area in regards to a transaction through the app LetGo that resulted in a theft.  The victim was in contact with a party named “Matt Roberson” who agreed to sell a Nintendo Switch (gaming console) for $190.00 cash.  “Matt” came to the victim’s home with a brown box.  He was described as a male, with a tall skinny build, blonde beard, wearing light blue jeans and a T-shirt.  The victim asked “Matt” to open the box to make sure the gaming console was in the box.  “Matt” asked the victim to show him the money and he would show him the console.  When the victim took out the $190.00, the actor placed the box on the trunk, grabbed the cash, entered his vehicle, and drove off.  The inside contents of the box contained crushed soda cans and garbage.  Detective Bureau was advised and responded to the scene to assume the investigation. 

Criminal Mischief – Franklin Avenue – Response was made to the area in regards to a report of criminal mischief.  Officers observed the front window of the building was shattered.  The window was valued at approximately $1,000.00. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they received an email regarding their Venmo account have suspicious activity.  A call was then received from a male party indicating they were a representative from Venmo.  They were instructed by the male actor that a text message would be received along with a link with instructions to reset their Venmo account.  The instructions were followed, along with entering the PIN number provided.  After reviewing their account, a $500.00 transaction in the name of "Leandra Lloyd" was found that the victim did not authorize or make.  The transaction was labeled “rent.”  Venmo was advised of the incident and explained to the victim that their account was compromised.  The victim was advised to monitor all of their personal accounts and how to obtain a copy of their report for their records.


Suspicious Incident – Headquarters received a report of a suspicious incident. The victim stated they received three (3) calls from a party claiming to be a Social Security Officer stating that their number had been locked due to fraud and that a payment would be needed to have the status changed.  The phone numbers used were provided to Officers.  The victim did provide their social security number to the caller, but did not provide any payment/account information.  There was no suspicious activity associated with their accounts after checking for same.  The victim was advised to seek services to identity theft protection.


Suspicious Incident – Columbia Avenue - Officers responded on an activated burglar alarm. The homeowner met them on scene and stated an interior motion sensor activated and they responded to the house to investigate.  It appeared a screen to a window towards the front of the house was pushed upwards.  The electrical box underneath had damage to the aluminum siding.  The interior of the home was cleared and found to be in order.  The window behind the screen was locked upon inspection. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of a fraud.  The victim stated they received a call from a male actor, "John Bishop," claiming to work for an unknown lending agency and was offering a $5,000 loan.  The victim provided the caller with their checking account information, social security number, and date of birth.  They were instructed to go to Wal-Mart and purchase a $1,500 gift card that would be transferred to the actor.  The cashier would not complete the transaction and informed the victim that they were being scammed.  The victim received multiple calls from the actor, “John Bishop,” stating that since they did not follow the directions, their bank account would be double charged.  A bank statement was provided showing two charges:  one for $2,356.70 and another charge for $3,245.10. The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.