General Investigation – Beech Street – Patrol units were called to the area in regards to a home alarm activation.  While on scene, several parties were observed in the area and some began running from Officers who were able to catch up with them.  Donald Hunter, 18, of Nutley was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters.  He was charged with Obstruction of the Administration of Law, and other charges, which were placed on a summons with a mandatory Court date, and released from custody. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of a fraud.  The victim stated that they ordered food from a Bloomfield establishment and paid with a credit card that they rarely use.  A couple of days later, the victim received a notification on their phone that the same credit card was used for a purchase of $948.86 at a hardware store. 

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Fraud – the victim reported to Headquarters that they received an email from PayPal alerting them to six (6) separate charges made using their account in Great Britain.  The transactions totaled $8,000.00. 

Suspicious Incident – Cedar Street – Officers were directed to the area in regards to a report of a suspicious incident.  The two ten (10) year old juveniles told Police that they were approached by several teenage parties in a black vehicle that told them to get in. Detectives are investigating the incident.


Fraud – the victim stated that they received an email confirmation of an order from Amazon that charged her account $78.43 for a package of fitting material.  The mailing address for delivery was in South Carolina and was not placed by the victim.  The Amazon account is linked to three credit cards belonging to the victim and have all been canceled, along with the financial institution notified. 


Suspicious Incident – Spring Street – Patrol units were flagged down by a motorist indicating that a male juvenile entered their yard and was in the area of their pool.  When the homeowner asked the juvenile why he was in their yard, he responded he was looking at the pool because he was buying one.  The male juvenile then left the area on their bicycle along with two (2) other juveniles traveling by bicycle. 


Attempted Burglary – Park Avenue – While on scene at a burglary scene, Officers were advised of an Attempted Burglary to a business.  The owner stated that when they came to work today they noticed the “Exit” sign located over the rear door inside the building was on the ground and damaged.  It is believed someone attempted to enter the building by kicking the door.  No entry was gained and there was no damage to the door. 

Burglary – Humbert Street – Officers responded on a past occurred burglary.  One of the residents stated that they believed there may be someone staying in the basement of their building.  A couple of weeks ago they noticed socks, blankets, a gallon of water, cigarette butts, a bottle of brandy and three chairs, indicating that someone may be accessing the basement.  A “No Trespassing” sign was put up in the rear of the building near the basement access. 

FRAUD ATTEMPT Incident – The victim of a fraudulent incident contacted Headquarters to make a report.  They stated they received a phone call from a male party named “Officer Kevin Miller” of the State Police.  The actor told the victim that their grandson was driving for Uber and was pulled over by the State Police and drugs were found in the vehicle.  Additionally, the grandson was placed under arrest and $8,000.00 cash was needed for his release.  The victim told the actor that they would get the money together and return their call.  The victim reached out to their grandson who stated they were in good health and currently working.  The victim realized this was a potential scam and did not contact the caller back. 


Property Damage – Walnut Street - Officers responded to the area in regards to a report of property damage.  Victim stated that when they returned to their parked vehicle they found a napkin under their windshield wiper that read “Wierdo Parking” (weirdo misspelled) written in green ink.  This morning they noticed scribble in green ink on the passenger side door, which they did not notice at the time they found the napkin because it was on the other side of the vehicle.  The victim has had no disputes or problems with any of their neighbors and wanted to document the incident. 


Fireworks Complaint – Franklin Avenue – Officers spoke with two (2) parties that were in the area of the complaint regarding fireworks being shot at someone.  The two adults stated they did shoot off two bottle rockets, but did not aim them anywhere near anyone.  The males were advised if Police were called back for an additional complaint a Township Ordinance summons would be issued.  Nothing further.