09/09/2020 4:42 am Burglary: P.O. Justin DiGuglielmo, P.O. John Kelly, P.O. Tiller Uriarte & P.O. Thomas Spear responded to the area surrounding Lake Street on a report of a female attempting to enter vehicles. Upon arrival on Creek Court, officers located Sirma Solis, age 24 of Paterson, and arrested her after she gave multiple fake names during questioning. She was released after being charged with hindering, burglary & theft.

09/11/2020 9:51 am Shoplifting: P.O. Miguel Cruz & P.O. Robert Manning responded to CVS Pharmacy, 29-00 Broadway, on a report of a male shoplifter who left the store with unpaid items and arrested Jose Vasquez, age 53 of Paterson, after finding him on Broadway at 30th Street with $197.00 in unpaid items in a book bag. He was released after being charged with shoplifting & trespassing. 

Since April of this year and up to this incident, Vasquez has been arrested 17 times for shoplifting and/or trespassing in Fair Lawn.

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09/13/2020 2:15 pm Shoplifting: P.O. Tiller Uriarte & Sgt. Sean Macys responded to Shoprite, 17-17 River Road, on a report of 1 male & 1 female involved in taking unpaid items from the store. P.O. Uriarte located the male actor in a red Ford Focus parked behind Walgreens on River Road and had to pursue the vehicle as it fled onto River Road and then behind CVS Pharmacy before arresting Robert Norman, age 37 of Wantage, as he attempted to walk away from the vehicle. 

The female actor, Crystal Green, age 28 of Bloomingdale, was found by P.O. John Kelly by the same CVS Pharmacy on River Road after she fled Shoprite on foot. $229.99 in unpaid items were recovered in a shopping cart. 

Norman was released after being charged with eluding, shoplifting, reckless driving & abandoning a motor vehicle on private property. Green was released after being charged with shoplifting. 

Chief Glen Cauwels stated all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.