Any cursory glance at the political and economic situation in the United States gives a clear indication that something is fundamentally broken about the systems that influence our lives. Although advocating for radical changes is a key step towards a more utilitarian society, this can only take us so far; consequently, electoral change within the system is also necessary. Although even the most milquetoast Democrat is preferable to any Republican in public office, I have quickly lost faith in the idea that simply electing Democrats is the path towards meaningful systemic change.

For this reason, I support Dr. Arati Kreibich’s campaign for the House of Representatives in NJ-5. Arati’s opponent, incumbent Josh Gottheimer, represents everything that I believe is wrong with the current Democratic Party: tone deafness, meaningless platitudes, and a concerning tendency to side with Republicans over other Democrats. While Arati openly represents the ideals of the Democratic Party by pushing for policies that are sensible, effective and popular, Gottheimer has defied what it means to be a Democrat by taking significant contributions from corporations, consistently voting against his own party, and advocating for lower taxes, which is an exceedingly popular view among conservative Republicans. In many aspects, this primary is a general election in its own right: Arati, who represents the future of the Democratic Party, challenges Gottheimer, who represents an increasingly antiquated -- albeit powerful --  faction of the party. As a Democrat, I think we elect the best candidates to represent our party, not closet Republicans.