Many of you have already voted. You completed the Mail in Ballot and placed it in the mail box to be sent by USPS.  Or you placed your Mail in Ballot in the secure box located at Snyder Park (or any other secure box in Union County). You may track your ballot at

Some of you will wait and for the first time will be able to return the ballot to your polling location. You will be waiting in line and signing the poll book before handing in the ballot. What is different is that your polling place may not be in the same location as usual.

Voting by Mail was supposed to reduce the number of people who go to the polls. The idea was to only have disabled voters, who will vote on the machine or voters completing a paper Provisional Ballot going to the polls. Therefore, fewer polling locations were necessary. Polling Locations have been reduced.  In Berkeley Heights, If you vote in districts 1,2,3,4,10 your polling location is the Rec. Center. If you vote in districts 5 and 6 your polling location is the Fire House.  If you vote in districts 7,8,9,11 your polling location is at Gov. Livingston High School (Media Center).

However, you intend to return your Mail in Ballot or if you complete a paper Provision Ballot what is important is that you vote. For information about the Candidates go to   For information about the Ballot questions go to