In Piscataway, we are facing an Environmental Crisis because of Global Climate Change.

Are our elected leaders preparing our community well for it? I say no.

As a long-time resident of our town, I have more questions than I have answers about what our current officials are doing:

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Why don’t we have an elected environmental commission with OPEN Meetings?

Why did the Mayor and Town Council not conduct an environmental impact survey before approving more diesel truck depots?

Why did the Mayor and Town Council not ask the views of all affected residents before approving more diesel truck depots?

Why do the Mayor and Town Council pass the costs of bad, polluted air onto all of us? They don’t seem to account for the medical bills we pay as a result of their decisions.

Why do the Mayor and Council push developments that force our kids and elderly neighbors to breathe polluted air that cause asthma and heart disease -- and make us more vulnerable to COVID-19?

Why do they let polluted air destroy our health and property values?

Why don’t they pursue environmental justice for all?

Why don’t they move Piscataway forward with a plan for a green future with good, high-paying skilled jobs?

It is time for a change. We need leaders who care about our health and our environment. For a better future. For us all.

Vote Bill Irwin for Mayor along with Ralph Johnson, Laura Leibowitz and Kamuela “Nikki” Tillman for Council in Column A.