It is evident that friends and neighbors throughout Hawthorne have lately been disturbed by the frequent sounds, sights, and explosions of illegal fireworks.

There is a reason to believe, as Mayor Goldberg has cited in his second letter of this week, that a majority of the fireworks "are coming from Paterson," however he did mention he was "sure some of [Hawthorne's] residents are doing it as well".

Unfortunately, in his statement, Mayor Goldberg failed to make a statement on how he would address the increased usage of illegal fireworks, which pose a fire hazard threat to residents who live near in proximity to Paterson or those who live near illegal fireworks users in Hawthorne (as we have seen time and time again in the Bronx and in Trenton). Instead, it appears that the mayor has shifted the fireworks problem as a problem exclusive to the City of Paterson although it has evidently affected the neighbors I have spoken to, including neighbors that live near the Hawthorne-Paterson border and those that live in the other extreme of Hawthorne.

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The Mayor himself has stated that some of the illegal fireworks users are in Hawthorne. However the Mayor has not mentioned nor outlined any plan to increase police coverage in areas of the Borough that produce the most amounts of illegal firework noise, nor has spoken about the situation with any Paterson officials in an effort to enforce the law to prevent anything adverse from happening.

When will the Mayor crack down on the illegal fireworks situation? When it is too late, or when a resident of Hawthorne gets injured by a stray firework that was operated illegally? Or will it be when a residence or building becomes the victim of a firework-induced fire?

For the sake of our Hawthorne neighbors' security and wellbeing, it is critical that Mayor Goldberg outlines efforts to reduce illegal firework usage in Hawthorne or pressure the City of Paterson to enforce the NJ Explosives and Fireworks Act instead of taking an apathetic approach to the problem for the safety of our residents.