To the Editor:

Time to reflect. Time to think of reality. As we think about single-use plastic bags, many states are now considering pulling back for the time being. Why? To help stop spreading the virus. Let's face it, reusable anything isn't optimum at the moment. In light of the crisis, single-use bags should be brought back until we get through this. And they can be paper.

The issue of eliminating the plastic bag is not without its merit. Plastics, in general, are an issue. The problem is the laws written. The ordinance in Chatham Township is allowing for a ten-cent charge for biodegradable paper bags. Windfall for retailers. Even in NYC, they allow for a five-cent charge, but the proceeds go to the city to offset costs. Amazing that here in the Township we feel the retailer should reap the benefit, for a bag that quite honestly should be, and used to be, free.

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And now we think about the reusable bag. Used over and over, touched and tossed back into the car so we have them when we stop at the store. Not optimal for the crisis we now face, or will face in the future.

We are certainly all thinking of other things than bag bans right now. But the fact is it all ties in. Bottom line, supermarkets, businesses of all kinds, should certainly be packing your goods in a fresh, recyclable, and of course FREE paper bag.

Let's not be the people putting our most vulnerable at risk over providing a simple paper bag.

All stay healthy, all stay safe, all come together for our overall well-being.
Be Best!

Daniel Miller

Green Village section of Chatham Township