Essentially, what is going on (or not going on) with the Royle Mill, is a perfect example of an outrageous failure of vision and cooperation between private owners and the City of Paterson, and it's tax structure. The City just cannot allow this historic mill to be obliterated, leaving yet another useless, vacant lot in it's place.

I'm not an expert, but quite simply, the City should defer the difference in tax liabilities between the building as is, and as an empty lot. The City's "leaders" need to creatively investigate how to provide better incentives for the private sector to adaptively re-use these wonderful buildings.

In reference to the Royle Mill, because of it's proximity to the Ward Street Station, how about adding "transit hub" to the mix? There will be a meeting about the City of Paterson's Transit-Oriented Development plan for the Ward Street Station, this Thursday, Jan. 19th at 6:30 pm. Open to the public, it will be held at PCCC, One College Blvd., in the Paterson Room.

Lanisha Makle, Dir. of Community Development, will be in attendance. This will be a perfect opportunity for anyone/everyone to express their concerns about the Royle Mill debacle, question her about how it might be saved.  Afterall, Ms. Makle was quoted this past week, as saying she was recently taught the value of Paterson's vacant and abandoned properties, "they should not be considered just blight, but treasures, if developed properly".

So, what about the Royle?


Carl "Doc" Burrows