Sai Bhargavi Akiri is hands down the best candidate for Berkeley Heights Board of Education. She possesses many of the qualities, as well as life, educational and work experiences that I want to see in a board member. She learned early on to use the resources at hand to one's advantage. Her family did not teach her that the world owed her anything. In order to attend the best schools, she had to first learn a second language. She learned to use a strong work ethic to achieve her goals, from working in the family business, to carrying gallons of water daily for the family’s use.

Her pragmatism, sense of economy and ability to work with people are perfect for a position on the school board. She is a very quick learner who welcomes others’ knowledge, input, and opinions. Sai Bhargavi Akiri has the ability to look at all sides of a production, situation, or whatever the case may be, and ask the right questions, such as why is it being done this way? Does it have to be done at all? How successful is it? What are the alternatives? What are the costs? How can we bring down the costs?

Sai Bhargavi Akiri is a project manager who gets to know those with whom she works. She taps their potential and becomes their cheerleader. Afterall, her belief is one of ‘we,’ not ‘you versus me.’ She gets projects done on time within or under budget. This is the experience Berkeley Heights needs on our Board.

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Her approach to teamwork is evident in her candidate statements and policy positions.  Her support of decision-making and problem solving processes that involves parents substantially, her willingness to present and openly answer questions on policy positions early on in this election so that voters can read what she stands for and apply scrutiny well before making a decision to vote.

She is not looking to “be right”, she is more interested in “getting it done right”.

And she has skin in the game. Her daughter has several more years of schooling here, and Ms Bhargavi is working for her as well as all of the students and teachers in Berkeley Heights.

Berkeley Heights citizens would be wise to vote for Sai Bhargavi Akiri for Berkeley Heights School Board - Column 3.