Dear Editor:

I am excited to vote for Len Resto, with his years of dedicated service to the Borough, and Frank Truilo, who would bring architectural and design skills as well as an understanding of development just when we need those skills.

In this election, we need both life and professional experience, as well as a commitment to our town.  We are fortunate in Chatham to be represented by 3 men and 4 women.  Our Council Members are gay, straight, married, single, New Jersey natives and New Jersey “converts”, and those with Korean, Puerto Rican and various European heritage. Several work for large multi-national corporations, others run their own businesses, and still others are retirees.  We have Council Members with children of all ages who attend or did attend, Chatham public schools.  Whether you are a middle-aged parent worried about college funding or a retired person concerned about property taxes, you will find a representative on the Council in the same situation who understands your concerns.

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Our Council Members, as part of our community, shop at the Farmer’s Market, whose operations need Governing Body support, they garden, eat at our restaurants, shop in the Borough, are environmentally conscious, face the same issues we all do with garbage and recycling collection.  They walk and bike our trails and parks for which they obtained grants to construct; they teach Bible study classes and conduct music sessions at the Library. They support students giving voice to current debates on matters of racism and gun reform, and unstintingly stand behind our outstanding police, fire and Emergency Squad. 

Len Resto was first elected in 2009 and 11 years later, Len is still Len - a fiscal conservative with a particular interest in the welfare of seniors and the less well-off in the Borough. Len’s professional expertise is in transportation, risk management and insurance.  He brings this skill set to Council negotiations and is a tireless advocate for our residents who ride NJ Transit and other local commuter initiatives. 

Frank Truilo is new to the political landscape and knows the issues facing small businesses.  Frank has an architectural practice in the Borough focusing daily on the questions of over-building and ensuring the economic prosperity of his clients’ commercial endeavors, without compromising the charm of a small town like Chatham.  We do not currently have that skill set on the Council and Frank will provide that balance at a critical time as we emerge from the pandemic next year with proposals for redevelopment once more on the front burner. 

Please join me in voting for Len Resto and Frank Truilo; a truly balanced approach to Borough governance.


Susie Robertson

Highland Ave