Dear Editor,

My name is Catherine Oliver and I am a parent of a student at South Brunswick High School, volunteer coordinator for the South Brunswick PTO President’s Council, and a community member. I am writing to show my support for the Re-Election Campaign for Azra Baig, a member of the South Brunswick Board of Education. 

Azra Baig is a great asset not only to the Board of Education, which she has served for almost six years, but also to the South Brunswick community. We have become acquainted at the events she attends in support of the school district and the community. I have interacted with Azra at Viking sporting events, the Women’s Leadership Conference, and the events sponsored by the South Brunswick Education Foundation. I have seen her volunteering at number of those events and I am always impressed with the way she speaks and listens to both students and parents. She is highly motivated, dedicated, and interested in all of us having a voice as we work toward our school district’s goals. As election season is upon us, Azra Baig deserves your support for her continued commitment and leadership as a member of the South Brunswick Board of Education. 

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Thank you,

Catherine Oliver