To the editor,

When are the residents of Hunterdon County and Raritan Township going to wake up and smell the coffee? We need change. We drastically need change.

In August one of your elected Freeholders was arrested and charged “Driving while intoxicated." The Freeholder said he will plead not guilty and feels there will be a fair resolution. Did you hear that sound? Sounds like someone sweeping something under the rug. Let’s hope not.

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On the home front in Raritan Township we have a near knockdown drag out brawl in 2018. A current Committee member claims that it’s all good because the dissenter that was on the committee is no longer there. However, now there is no one to question anything they do. We have a Committee member that violated State Statute in 2017, another committed two ethics violations and everything is on the up and up? What’s that sound? It sounds like everything is being buried.

We have a Sheriff's department that is invisible. How often have you seen or heard from the Sheriff's office prior to this month? You are only seeing them now because we have an election in November. Then if the Sheriff is re-elected, we won’t see them till the next election. What has been done to help the communities in Hunterdon County when we have weather emergencies or when they the communities need assistance during other local issues? What has been done to  address the opioid crisis in Hunterdon County? Any resident who doesn’t believe we have a crisis has got their head in the sand. Putting offenders in jail doesn’t help. We need to address the issue by adopting programs that rehabilitate not incarcerate.  We the residents of Hunterdon County need to help the offenders and the addicted get back into society as productive members of society.

I believe some of our elected officials have lost their moral and ethical compass. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!  It is time for change. As a resident of Hunterdon County, you have to admit 2019 is the year to make that change. Stand up and be counted.

Vote for chand in November by voting for Andrew Zwicker and Roy Freiman for Assembly, Dominick Puzio for Sheriff and Sharon Winnick for Raritan Township Committee.

John Mackay

Raritan Township