Dear Congresswoman Sherrill,

I live in the 11th Congressional District. After donations exceeded $14,000,000 to your campaign to guarantee you obtain a job that pays $145,000.00 a year, I have a few questions for you. To me, this seemed like a deliberate effort of the campaign to splatter mud all over your prior opponent - Jay Webber. You attacked relentlessly his religious beliefs and his family. You made ZERO proposals of what you would do if elected and in my opinion, you have done nothing substantive during your first year in office.

So, Ms. Sherrill I want to ask you some things, and hope you please answer my questions honestly.

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  • Do you support illegal aliens entering our county with no means of supporting themselves?  Do you feel we tax payers have some obligation to pay for all of their medical care, housing, food stamps, clothing and education?? 

  • Do you support the State of New Jersey giving FREE College tuition to illegal immigrants when residents of New Jersey have to pay for their children’s tuition?

  • Do you support President Trump’s attempt to build a wall between Mexico and the USA to stop the rampant migration of illegals into America?

  • Do you support making New Jersey a Sanctuary State?

  • Do you support making Morris County a Sanctuary County?

  • Do you support giving so called Dreamers free college tuition before such aide is given to any eligible American Citizen??

  • Do you support the attempts by Democrat Socialist in your party to do away with certain parts of the Constitution?  For instance the 2nd Amendment?

  • Do you support the attempts of radical socialists in the Democratic party to eliminate the Electoral College and that method of electing our president?

  • Do you support the former democrat national committee Vice Chairman who is now under suspicion of beating his wife, or do you support the efforts to have him arrested to stand trial on Sexual Abuse charges?

  • Do you support free medical care for everyone, regardless of income or need, if you do can you explain how this will be paid for and WHO will pay for it??

  • Do you support eliminating all private health insurance as every democrat candidate for president has stated they will do if elected?? The Federal Government would run all health care in the United States, and citizens would get only what was authorized.

  • If you were in congress would you have supported President Trump’s Middle Class Tax cuts?  Would you have raised taxes as your party candidates recommend??Please explain why?

  • Do you support 3rd trimester abortions as most democrat candidates for President do?  This can lead to a baby being born alive while the mother and/or doctor can elect to leave it unattended to die.

  • Are you in favor of more low income/affordable housing for Morris County?

  • Are you in favor of closing Guantanamo Bay and moving hardened terrorist to NYC and or New Jersey???

  • Do you support the congressional Squad of 4 and their rampant Antisemitism and their attempt to start a boycott of Israel, our ONLY ally in the Middle East? Have you spoken out against it or do you support their position??

  • Have you come out against the DNC's obvious anti-Semite agenda at any time?

  • Do you support the DNC’s Green New Deal? If so what would you do with the thousands of people it will put out of work in the 11th District??  Where will you get the 16 TRILLION dollars to pay for this plan??

  • Do you ever plan on moving into the 11th District? I guess we were spoiled by having our previous Congressman actually live in the 11th district.   

  • Do you intend to rent another empty apartment during your re-election campaign and tell voters how you live in the 11th district? I hope it is not too far of a drive from Montclair to our area.

Finally, you ran as a Veteran. Can you tell your constituents one thing you have done while in office to support or improve the lives of our Honored Veterans? Do you feel money that could be spent on Veterans Issues should be spent to pay for benefits for illegal aliens who have never paid one penny in taxes to the United States Treasury…


Vito Sacco

Parsippany, New Jersey