Dear Editor:

There is circulating online in Sparta a petition to require Mayor Murphy to resign.

Anyone who circulated that petition or signed it doesn't know the facts. On February 13, 2016, Jerry Murphy was stopped by the Sparta Police. He was required to exit his vehicle and do balance tests in 7-degree temperature in an "active" snowfall on a snow-covered white line. He was charged with speeding, failure to maintain lane, careless driving and DWI.

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The police report said, "I was monitoring traffic in both directions on Mohawk Avenue when along came Murphy who was speeding according to the police radar." None of that was true as was proven by the computer-aided dispatch and the mobile video recording device, both maintained by the Sparta Police. The truth is, there was a plant at the St. Moritz when Jerry Murphy stopped to have dinner and three beers. The plant, a former policeman, was sending text messages to his buddies as to Jerry Murphy's activities at the St. Moritz. The first text alerted the police that he was leaving. A police car went immediately to the St. Moritz but found out that Jerry Murphy wasn't leaving. The entire squad was dispatched to Panera Bread to investigate a domestic violence. Abruptly, the arresting officer left Panera Bread and within three minutes, was behind Jerry Murphy at the intersection of Main Street and Glen Road, not monitoring traffic on Mohawk Avenue.

Over the distance from Glen Road to the Ogdensburg border, Jerry Murphy touched the white line twice in a snowstorm. He was stopped. And when asked to do balance tests, he told the cop that he had serious balance issues as a result of Agent Orange when he flew 600 missions over Vietnam and had difficulty on a snow-covered road.

The case was transferred to Hopatcong because Jerry Murphy is a member of the Sparta Council. For two years, we fought the Sparta Police and the State and ultimately, all of the charges were dismissed, not by a Judge but by the Prosecutor with the consent of the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office. Jerry Murphy pled guilty to a dirty license plate.

For the two years that the case was pending, no one knew about the ex-cop who was at the St. Moritz texting his former buddies. On a hunch, I subpoenaed certain records which led the Hopatcong Prosecutor to investigate. He found that there was in fact a plant at the St. Moritz and that no document filed by the Police contained that information. He found that the police spent that night looking for Jerry Murphy. We were able to prove that Jerry Murphy was responsible for a policy that led to a decrease in taxes because the size of the Police Department was diminished. The motive, we showed the State, to arrest Jerry Murphy that night was because he diminished the Police Department and lowered the taxes in Sparta.

Jerry Murphy didn't give up in Vietnam, he didn't give up in Hopatcong and "he ain't given' up" to a bunch of petition signers who when they read this letter will be embarrassed what they have done to this good man, especially Glen Duphiney.

Very truly yours,

Law Offices of George T. Daggett

George T. Daggett

George T. Daggett, Esq.