Dear Friends, 

Today, I spoke with a struggling single mother in tears.  This morning, she visited three stores with her infant, unable to find formula anywhere.  She did not have the funds available last week to stock up on essentials in preparation for our current situation.  The mother was panicked on the phone.  As a mother myself, I feel deeply for her. 

Tomorrow morning, she will visit our office where we will safely provide her a package with two weeks of diapers, wipes, and the formula her baby desperately needs.

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This past week, we have been preparing to continue service to our clients, who are among the people who will suffer most in the coming months in the wake of COVID-19.  But the truth is; our families are already suffering. 

As the only dedicated diaper bank in Middlesex County, New Jersey, our call to action is loud and clear. 

Thank you, sincerely, for the extra support many of you have shown us this week through your contributions; we feel the love. 

If you haven't already, please consider helping us by donating.  We welcome one-time contributions on our website, and we have also launched a Patreon campaign, which enables you to give as little as $1 a month to sustain our agency through these uncertain times. 

We can't thank you enough.

Be well,

Ginny Adams-Kafka
Executive Director
AECDC-Central Jersey Diaper Bank