Dear BH Administrators, Teachers & Support Staff

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU for everything you have done this week.  We understand this has been an immense amount of change over a short period of time and it can be stressful.  Your dedication, resourcefulness and creativity to do everything possible while focusing on the best interests of our students was visible in countless ways.  You overcame an enormous challenge, and converted your regular, everyday teaching routines into remote learning, basically overnight.  With very little notice, you transitioned your brick and mortar classrooms into virtual learning centers.

We have heard from numerous parents this week about how well the first few days of remote learning has gone.  While we know this was the first week and that we will likely be in this situation for quite some time, we are confident that we have the best teaching staff to work through these challenging times.

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Below are a few comments we received that we wanted to share

  • “Just wanted to let you know that the online schooling the Columbia and GL kids are getting exceeds all expectations. The tech is has been pretty seamless, the instruction solid and the interaction between the kids is much needed in this time of necessary isolation”
  • We wanted to thank each of you for your efforts during this unprecedented time. To say that the effort of the Administration, Board, Faculty and Staff has been Herculean would not be hyperbole at all. A well-deserved appreciation for all of the educators continuing to put our students first”
  • “Very impressed at how quickly the schools put online learning together.  That’s why we live in this town. Thank you Dr. Varley, BOE, teachers, admin and everyone else who helped!”

We, and the entire BH community, stand behind you, support you and have every confidence that our students are in good hands for as long as the current situation lasts.

Thank you in advance for helping make this difficult time ‘work as well as it can’.


Doug Reinstein – President

Bill Cassano – Vice President

Gerry Crisonino

Michael D’Aquila

Dante Gioia

Helen Kirsch   

Angela Penna

Christine Reilly