As we continue to watch the coronavirus, COVID-19, unfold in our area, throughout our state, across our country, and around the world, we must keep in mind the safety and health of ourselves, loved ones, and neighbors. 

I, and the Town of Morristown, understand there is confusion and contradiction in the news, and we want to address it. We all have an important part to play in combatting this illness, and it is crucial that we deliver the necessary and accurate information to our residents in a timely fashion. 

Below are important links and resources for all Morristown residents to learn from and refer to for the latest updates. We are also providing CDC guidelines on maintaining proper health and hygiene to slow the spread of the virus. I am asking all who receive this letter to please read it all the way through and forward along as necessary - it is important information for every resident as we move forward. 

Our newsletter delivers the local news that you can trust.

I want to thank the public officials and councilmembers of the Town of Morristown and Morris County for the assistance and support they've provided me and the Town during this time. I also want to thank all of our emergency services and healthcare professionals who are putting their health on the line while working long tireless hours, to treat all those affected and work to prevent new cases.

For the most up-to-date information regarding public health and the coronavirus, please visit the Centers for Disease Control at Finally, I ask that all residents follow us on Facebook as well as check-in regularly on our Town website, where we will provide new information on the virus as it becomes available.

We will come out of this a stronger community so long as we work together.

Mayor Timothy Dougherty