Last week, I went to Town Hall to see Mayor Brindle to ask that she lead and support a movement from her office to paint a Blue Line in support of the Westfield Police Department and all Westfield First Responders. She was not in, but I did talk with James Gildea, the Town Administrator. I explained that there are many in Westfield that support this movement in light of the incredible work and tireless dedication the Westfield Police Department has shown during these extraordinary times.

Mayor Brindle currently heads the Westfield 300 Steering Committee, which is an initiative to celebrate the Town’s 300th anniversary. I stand on firm ground when I say the people of Westfield have never in our 300-year history been in harm’s way more than they are at this very point in time. Why? Today more cities than we’d all like to admit are literally burning with anarchists taking over local segments.

On top of this there are countless rallies to defund police departments, never mind the attacks police precincts and these officers are under. What should be alarming to all of us is that these anarchists have said that they are coming next to the suburbs. While we have had peaceful rallies in Westfield thus far, just this past weekend we had protesters downtown chanting ‘no justice no peace…’. Again, peaceful, but if some tragic events or unlawful assemblies should arise in Westfield, as just took place in Beverly Hills (“Eat the rich….Abolish capitalism now!”) we will be relying on our police department more than ever to keep us safe and secure.

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In summary, the Westfield Police Departments unwavering service to our town has never been more important, more critical, more needed than NOW. So, let’s show our support and continued respect for them with this Blue Line under the directive of Mayor Brindle. Her guidance for this will be in stark contrast to NYC’s Mayor DeBlasio who does not, unfortunately, have ‘the NYPDs back’.

I will be following up with her ask to make this so, but in the meantime, I ask for your support for this, but more importantly your continued support and heartfelt respect for the Westfield Police Department and all our First Responders.

Most Sincerely,

Frank Arena
Westfield Town Councilman 2008-2019