Lessons we have learned from our neighbors

Ellen Zimmerman and I have learned a lot by introducing ourselves to our fellow residents in our quest to serve Scotch Plains as a member of the Town Council and Mayor. 

First, Scotch Plains really loves to decorate for Halloween!

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Second, many residents are surprised to learn that their regular polling place may not be open on Election Day and that NJ residents are unable to vote in person in a voting booth by recording votes on machines. Please visit the Union County Board of Elections at https://ucnj.org/boe/ or email the Board at ucboe@ucnj.org or call them at 908-527-4996 if you have ANY questions about voting!

Most of all, we have learned how grateful people are that our campaign has been positive, without lies or “inflated” truths, and how united and transparent we are as candidates.

Last Saturday morning, Ellen and I met with residents at the Alan Augustine Park and discussed important issues, including the impact of high taxes and how a smartly redeveloped downtown may reduce our town’s reliance on residents for revenue. Then resident Jason Villaverde shared how much he appreciates living in a town where the democratic candidates and committee members have stuck to the issues and campaigned without making personal attacks on our opponents or inflating the truth.

I told Jason something to the effect that Scotch Plains is our home, and we want our town to be as good as it can be, not divided by negative campaigning.

In a few weeks, we will learn whether challengers of incumbents could win their local races without going negative.  We have faith that most residents will recognize how motivated Ellen and I are to continue putting in the work that will improve Scotch Plains. We have met so many residents eager to play a role and are confident their energy and resolve will make this town a better and safer community for all of us as well.

We look forward to finishing the campaign the way it started… grassroots, knocking on doors, persuading voters, one at a time, why they should support our ticket… and never a negative word about those gentlemen we seek to replace.

Josh Losardo, Democratic Mayoral Candidate for Scotch Plains
Ellen Zimmerman, Democratic Town Council candidate for Scotch Plains