To the Editor:

I would like to thank Mr. Miller for bringing attention to this very important meeting and subject matter. For residents who would like to see specifically what Mr. Miller is referring to, you can go on-line to Scroll to the 2 hours, 5-minute point to watch the incident referenced.

Typically, I would not wade into the fray of politically motivated accusations, but Mr. Miller has zeroed in on one of the key reasons I am running for Chatham Township Committee - to remove the hyper-partisanship that is paralyzing our local town politics. It is time to get back to the good ole collaboration and problem solving needed to tackle the big issues facing our Township.

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To Mr. Miller’s point that this was a farce, I was disappointed that Ms. Swartz resorted to an angry partisan attack rather than focus her argument on otherwise valid input. Characterizing the work of countless volunteer hours as “liberal arrogance” was offensive. Referring to the sole sitting Democratic
Committeeperson as a “max-the-tax” candidate was not just unwarranted; it was downright false.

Instead, I would have focused on whether the microplastics in the Great Swamp had entered our water system and whether testing in homes was needed. I would have asked more about the health effects of
microplastics ingested through drinking water. I would have pursued Ms. Swartz’s concern about the stores receiving 10 cents per bag and suggested a portion of those funds go toward remediation and education.

Regarding Mr. Miller’s specific complaint of Mrs. Kelly’s “disrespectful” silent protest and “smirking and giggling like a schoolgirl”, I applaud Mrs. Kelly in her long term volunteer efforts in the community, on her efforts to rid the community of microplastics in our Great Swamp water and, yes, on her peaceful protest. This nation was built on protest and it will be a sad day when a sitting elected official can’t handle a turned back as a measure of disagreement.

And finally, to Mr. Miller, let me take a moment to address your choice of words, specifically. Referring to Mrs. Kelly, a woman who has built a solid history of volunteer contribution to our community, as a “schoolgirl” and “childish” is an insult to the volunteer women of this community. In the future, I recommend you find better language to levy attacks on the women who are the heart of- and the
backbone of the success of OUR Township community.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Stacey Ewald