To the Editor:

Indeed as the header in Mark Hamilton’s letter states, “the truth is plain to see.” So, rather than take Mark’s word for it that Mrs. Kelly behaved in a “disruptive”, “repugnant” and “disgraceful” fashion, perhaps you can see the video for yourself to understand that Mrs. Kelly is literally being gaslighted by Mr. Hamilton. In the video, it is plain to see that she is quietly and peacefully turning her back on an elected official who, rather than at least offering to examine and discuss the banning of single-use plastics, after members of the environmental committee offered evidence that microplastics are getting into our drinking water, decided to dismiss the suggestion as “liberal arrogance” while not even attempting to use her inside voice.

Hamilton goes on to use other manipulative language like “extreme liberal” to describe candidates Stacey Ewald and Celeste Fondaco in an attempt to paint these two upstanding citizens in a negative fashion. What I know about Stacey, who is a neighbor, is what I have gleaned from over the 22 years that I have lived in Chatham Township. I know her as the mom who walked with her two, now adult children to the bus stop or to trick or treat in the neighborhood, as the woman who has volunteered countless of hours at all of our schools, and as the candidate who has run to serve us and who continues to get back up to represent the people of Chatham Township. What I know about Celeste is her love of and respect for the environment after being born and raised by the Great Swamp, her impassioned work with bees and the delicious honey they yield, her democratic roots and that she completed a marathon at the age of 70! These are decent, upstanding and long term residents who love and want to fight for what is right for Chatham Township. I am confident with this type of tenacity, these women will have our backs.

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Here’s what I know about Hamilton, Estevez and Swartz. They belong to a new Republican group that has splintered from the otherwise moderate Republicans of Chatham like Mike Kelly. A group with radical, extremist views like gun control is government overreach and any effort to do right by the environment is “liberal arrogance”. I have never met Mr. Hamilton, so I can’t tell you much about him. But I do find it interesting that after living in the Township for less than a year and a half he seems to think he knows a lot about our candidates and our town. Here’s another thing I know about Mr. Hamilton, he is running to represent the people of Chatham Township, but he couldn’t be bothered to attend the meeting he had so much to say about.

The truth is indeed plain to see and that truth is that Fondaco and Ewald are the right choices on November 5.

Susan O’Brien 

Chatham Township