When spouses, intimate partners or dates use physical violence, threats, emotional abuse, harassment, or stalking to control the behavior of their partners, they are committing domestic violence.  

Very few people identify themselves as abusers or victims.

Victims may be silent, embarrassed or feel shame.  They fear that their batterers will harm them or their children.  Some even blame themselves for their abuse.

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Studies have shown that it may take 7 to 10 incidents before a victim leaves their abuser and some children raised in an abusive home have grown up to become abusers.  

We need to break the cycle of domestic violence NOW!

To the victims, you are not alone.  There is help to protect you and your loved ones.  If you are in an emergency situation please contact the Passaic County Women's Center 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 973-881-1450 or you can contact the Hawthorne Police Department 973-427-1800 and ask to speak with a Domestic Violence Team member.  Team members go through extensive training and can provide a safe environment and the information and resources you need in complete confidentiality.   

Please don’t wait until it’s too late… Your life may depend upon it.

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