To the Editor:

As the Chairman of the Township of Chatham Republican Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the defamatory allegations that have been levied against the Township Republicans by Susan O’Brien in her recent Letter to the Editor. Ms. O’Brien incorrectly and recklessly accuses Hamilton, Estevez and Swartz as being part of a group that has “splintered” from the Chatham Republicans.  Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.  As the Chairman of the Chatham Township Republican Committee, I am both shocked and offended by Ms. O’Brien’s comments.  Contrary to her spurious allegations, I can state without question or hesitation, that Hamilton and Estevez have the full and complete support of the Chatham Township Republican Committee in our upcoming November elections.

Ms. Swartz will also have our unwavering support the next time she is up for re-election. They have our support because they embody the conservative spirit that has made and will continue to make, our Community (and our Country) great!  They have our support because they stand for small government, low taxes, personal responsibility, self-determination and an unwavering adversity to government intrusion into our private lives – principals that ALL true Republicans must stand for. They have our support because they believe in the ability of ordinary, every-day Americans to put their ingenuity, their drive and their spirit to work to bring about productive change.  They have our support because they believe in the rights of individuals to make their own choices, rather than have choices made for them.  They have our support because they believe private enterprise and personal innovation are the keys to solving problems; not burdensome and stifling regulations forced upon us by the government.

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They have our support because our Country was founded on the proposition that government should not be allowed to control our lives, but exists to protect individual liberties from the will of the majority. These are basic principles upon which our great Country was founded and they are principles that the Democratic Party so blatantly abhors. Hamilton, Estevez and Swartz have our support because they are true Republicans – not leftist socialists masquerading as Republicans.  So yes, I resent Ms. O’Brien’s comments - not simply because they are false, but because she attempts to characterize as a “fringe-group” three individuals of upstanding character who wholeheartedly embody the ideals and the spirit of the Republican Party.

On a personal note, the implication that mark Hamilton is somehow a newcomer who just appeared in the Chatham community is another attempted fraud. I, and countless others throughout the Chathams, have personally known Mark, his wife and his daughters for many years.  Like many of us, the Hamiltons resided in Chatham Borough for many years before moving to the Township, so they have strong roots in the Chathams.  Certainly, the Township Republican Committee is grateful that he did and we were thrilled when Mark stepped up to serve when he saw our community swerve off the rails in last November’s election.

The Chatham Township Republican Committee could not be more proud of our true Republicans and we look forward to their victory in the November election. 

Daniel R. Bevere


Chatham Township Republican Committee