Dear Editor,

Chaotic, troubling, concerning. Three words I never imagined would be used to describe Chatham Township, but unfortunately, under the poor leadership of Mayor Mike Kelly and his Deputy Mayor Tracey Ness these words ring far too true today. 

Typically, when an individual runs for re-election they run on a record of progress and success, ask yourself, or better yet, ask Mike what has he done for Chatham Township during his six years on the Committee, the past two as Deputy Mayor and Mayor?

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You won’t hear much, unless of course you consider being at the helm of the largest tax increase in the Township’s history; erasing a $3 million budget surplus; or serving as the lead defendant on yet another lawsuit filed against the Township by concerned residents, something to brag about. Did you know that there have been more lawsuits filed against the Township by local residents in the past two years under Mike’s leadership than the prior 200-plus years combined? Impressive stats? I wouldn’t think so, particularly if you’re running for re-election.

You are in a position to reverse this and can help prevent permanent long-term damage to Chatham Township and your bank account. You alone have the ability to stop the decline and can ensure that Chatham Township remains a great place to live, raise a family, and retire. You alone can bring true leadership and representation to the Committee by submitting your mail-in ballot and casting your vote for Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton by July 7. (

Ashley and Mark will bring the Township together again and not tear it apart, which we’ve seen over the past two years under Mike’s lack of leadership.

I encourage you to join me in voting for two individuals who will put Chatham Township residents first and have your best interests at heart. Vote for Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton. They are two experienced lawyers with school-aged children who have Chatham Township’s long-term best interests at heart. They are committed to preserving Chatham Township’s former track record of low taxes, fiscal responsibility, property rights, environmental protection, integrity, and transparency.

Stop the chaos and get Chatham Township back on the right track. Share this letter and the many others written on Ashley and Mark’s behalf to help spread the word and remind your family, friends, and neighbors to mail in their ballots before July 7th. You have the power to affect permanent change in Chatham Township. Vote for Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton.

Curt Ritter

Former Chatham Township Mayor

President, The Chatham Turkey Trot

Co-Chair, Chatham Township Out of the Darkness Walk

Founder, Flags Across the Chathams