So there was a barrage of letters to the editor supporting Susan Poage and Brett Sayre. Do these people ever watch the Town Council meetings? On a personal level Susan has given back to the community as a teacher. But, in my opinion, she has done nothing for Berkeley heights except sit up there and talk to everyone like they're children. She did start a Grant's Committee and updated the no knock ordinance. During the council meeting she could not answer simple questions about the so-called changes she is making.

In three years that is what we get one committee and one ordinance. Look at the municipal complex project -- Susan voted against the additional four million in 2017, but she then turned around and approved every single change order spending the money. We owe this last huge hump to the budget to Liza Vienna, Alvaro Medeiros and Susan. In my opinion, they did a poor job managing the project the minute they took over. 

I mean honestly if I hear about the soil one more time I might scream. It's three years since the project started, and we're still talking about unusable soil that was found in 2017. Hey Susan, why don't you suggest doing something about it then.

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And I also must address the obvious. In all her time here she has never questioned the mayor and/or voted against her. Sadly, she's just a puppet to the Democratic machine. The only thing I have to say about Brett Sayre is he should be very concerned about his campaign finances. Since he is in a finance profession he should be worried about his name being negatively tied with the unethical campaign finances.

I give Susan credit for serving her community as a councilwoman but I think in the times that this town faces right now she's in way over her head. This administration claimed that they would handle the new town hall project efficiently. But it's obvious that they have failed miserably.