I stand with Governor Murphy & Lt. Governor Oliver, on their pick of Fabiana Pierre-Louis as the next Justice to sit on the New Jersey Supreme Court. The time has come for every office to look like the diversity in our State.

As civil unrest unfold in this country, there are many people asking the question of why are we still being judged ‘by the color of our skin and not the content of our character (MLK).’  We have had so many fight for our rights from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, The Honorable John Lewis to Rev. Jessie Jackson. We still find ourselves fighting for the same rights as others. We are still fighting for a quality education, employment opportunities, generational wealth, better healthcare, a level playing field in Elected Office, and equal sentencing justice.

I am happy to work closely with an Administration, Governor Phil Murphy & Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, in opening up opportunities to people of color on all levels.  We recognize that we have always had to prove ourselves on every level, just to get a shot at the many opportunities that seem to just fall into others laps.

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I call on my colleagues in the Senate to confirm her nomination, without prejudice, for she has shown herself, worthy of the position. I will stand with her and for her, during this momentous nomination.

Benjie Wimberly represents Paterson in the New Jersey General Assembly