Five years ago, on June 16, 2015, my brother tragically died on of an accidental drug overdose. He was 45 years old. He was an only son, an only brother, a favorite uncle, the coolest cousin, a best friend to many, a mentor, a teacher, a leader in his field, full of life and laughter and above all, a loving, caring soul. His name was David Gold and he now lives in my heart and the hearts of all who knew and loved him.

Soon after his death, it became clear what I needed to do. Turn adversity into passion to help those struggling with opioid addiction. No other family should ever have to suffer the pain endured by losing a loved one to addiction. EVER.

Community Addiction Recovery Effort, or C.A.R.E was created for the purpose of offering a pathway to recovery to those addicted to opioids. Started in Robbinsville Township, with the support of Mayor Dave Fried, Mercer County Prosecutor and Chief Chris Nitti, CARE is standard operating procedure followed by all Mercer County Police Departments.  When faced with suspects arrested for possession, or under the influence of opioids, C.A.R.E. allows police officers to offer immediate access to recovery by providing a trained peer recovery support specialist to those who would like to accept help. Conditions of that access include no current detainers (i.e. arrest warrants) in their name.

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Need help with addiction? Just walk in and ask. The Robbinsville Police Department will provide a stigma-free entry point to treatment to those struggling with addiction.

Here’s why we need your support:

The most common roadblock preventing someone to enter into recovery is lacking financial means to obtain treatment. Most people who suffer from substance use disorder have been struggling for years and depleted funds to support their habit. We feel, when they reach this point is when they are most likely to accept the help and sustain sobriety. We feel no one should be turned away from receiving treatment or detox due to lack of funds. We are fortunate to have a relationship with various treatment and detox facilities in order to receive partial or full scholarships for our clients, however, even at a discounted rate, it is still costly.

In memory of David on the 5-year anniversary of his death, I am asking for support to help others facing this terrible disease seek the necessary treatment for a full recovery. It starts with Detox. These funds will go strictly to help pay for Detox for those who qualify.

C.A.R.E. is a 501c3 so your gift is tax deductible. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

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