On July 7th, Plainfield residents will head to the polls in-person as well as vote-by-mail, to cast our votes to fill vital seats on our City Council. The role of City Council members is now more important than ever, to lead the Queen City through the effects of the current global pandemic, the resulting economic downturn, and continued racial injustices. As City Council Member at Large, I seek your support to help carry Plainfield through because we are all is this together.

My name is Robert K. Graham (aka Mr. Plainfield) and since 2007 I have been serving and empowering my community through volunteerism, community outreach, mentoring, organizing events, feeding our citizens in need, and helping my fellow parents find solutions to demand excellence from our children.

My background and life experiences uniquely qualify me to connect to all members of our community: all ages, all ethnic backgrounds, and all income brackets. But I particularly relate to our young people and the struggles and challenges they continue to face.

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In 1996 at the age of 21, I was shot by a police officer simply because I am black. The vehicle I was driving was erroneously listed as stolen. Typically, an incident like this ends harmlessly with a driver being pulled over, provide proof of ownership and the matter is peacefully resolved. Not when you are black. I wasn’t given the opportunity to pull over and show my credentials. The police just started shooting because they perceived me to be a thief. This experience profoundly impacted me and shaped my future, particularly how I raised my children.

When the global pandemic arrived in Plainfield, I immediately sprang into action helping any way that I could. The city’s first responders sent out the call for PPE and I answered, procuring and donating 1500 pairs of disposable nitrile gloves and 150 disposable Tyvek coveralls. By dividing them up evenly the donations were made to the Police and Fire departments and the local Rescue Squad.  As the pandemic worsened, I responded to the call to feed our city’s children by teaming up with the Plainfield Community to raise funds. Through the use of a Go Fund Me page, we raised $1000 for the Plainfield Board of Education Covid-19 food account providing over 500 meals for the children of Plainfield.

Please take a moment to learn more about my background and platform by visiting my website at www.Graham4Council.com to read through my bio. It will explain why I feel the need to serve our great city.

On July 7th 2020 by **Voting 9E on the ballot**, I can increase my efforts across the board, the sky’s the limit. I am deeply committed to keeping my focus on the people and advocating for the needs of EVERYONE.

Put your faith in me by **Voting 9E** on July 7th!!