The nomination of Fabiana Pierre-Louis Esq. to the New Jersey Supreme Court is most welcomed news in today’s turbulent climate.  Counselor Pierre Louis arrives at the nomination with an impeccable set of credentials, a wealth of experience, and the respect of her colleagues.

She is a black woman of Haitian ascent.  She describes herself as the “child of immigrants,” and “someone who is a first-generation American citizen here in this country.”  Her nomination reconfirms the fact that America’s promise and vitality depend upon everyone’s contributions …  A promise that enables a young lady from a disadvantaged background to elevate and move forward in spite of and contradistinction to the current narrative.  She was able to face and overcome the barriers of Race, Gender, Ethnicity.  

The New Jersey Supreme Court needs to reflect the diversity of the State.  As such, Justice Fabiana Pierre Louis would be a step in that direction.  She would shine brighter as that beacon of hope that she represents to her family, her community, and her nation(s).  She also is exemplary of the aspirations of our youth. 

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Fabiana hopefully will find be a Justice, as she pursues justice.  Please keep her in your prayers, as she embarks on this all-important journey.

Yvan Ducheine MD, MBA

Roselle’s 3rd Ward Council Candidate – Primary 2020